Keep up-to-date on current Complex Rehab Technology topics through our DIRECTIONS magazine. In October 1957, Grunenthal, a German pharmaceutical company, introduced thalidomide to the world. Even though her new American home provided young Calvo with opportunities far beyond those available in Central America, her life would still remain difficult and challenging.
Early in her pregnancy, Calvo’s young mother was prescribed thalidomide and by all accounts she only used it once. As each day passed, Calvo’s little body grew stronger and stronger in spite of the lack of limbs.
Calvo’s mother knew her baby would be a curiosity and knew it would be virtually impossible to shield her from staring eyes and unintended cruelty. Soon, it was obvious to her parents that the kind of assistance Calvo  would need to succeed in life was not available in El Salvador.
Even though the hospital in Houston did a masterful job of instilling infinite confidence and unique physical skills in the little girl from El Salvador. What would happen if every parent taught their children the simple lessons Calvo was taught as a child?
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She recently added details to her coaching website about her intuitive readings and coaching sessions.
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First Tuesday of each month Host Elise Marquam Jahns will have a conversation with with Michelle Gielan, a national CBS News anchor turned positive psychology researcher and bestselling author of Broadcasting Happiness. Thankfully, her indefatigable spirit and unshakeable optimism would lift her up and move her forward to places she could only imagine. She was granted the privilege to attend a magnet high school where exceptional achievers were the bulk of the student population. She received a bachelor’s in social science from the University of Houston-Downtown with a concentration in psychology and sociology, and a minor in political science in 2002. Her pregnancy was picture-perfect: strong heart-beat, textbook weight gain and nothing that would cause alarm. All signs kept pointing to the fact that the Calvos had a very physically and mentally healthy baby. Fortunately, for the most part, when they did venture out to  neighborhood parks or public places with Calvo, people were curious, but respectful. Her grandfather, who was a member of the Freemasonry in El Salvador, was aware of the incredible rehabilitative services for kids like Calvo that were available at the Texas Shriners Hospital for Children in Houston.
They could not protect her from others who seemed determined to inflict cruelty on those who are different and vulnerable. For those of us born with strong arms and legs there are a myriad of lessons to be learned from Calvo and her extraordinary life.
Each E-Book has Self-Mastery Assignments (SMAs) at the end to help you learn more about yourself. Your coach will study your unique case history so that he or she can cocreate a mastery formula designed specifically for you, to help you achieve your self-help objectives as quickly as humanly possible. In today’s age of uncertainty where depression, foreclosures and distress are the norm, Leigh provides a nudge in the right direction along with the tools to get them moving toward their goals again.
Specifically, she shows them techniques to turn temporary failures into successes, thereby turning pain into a positive healing lesson.
The site includes more information about arranging online, phone, and in person coaching sessions. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Widukins Lenz, a German pediatrician, were among the first physicians to suspect a link between a growing number of birth defects and thalidomide.
There Calvo began to consider attending Law School and becoming a lawyer, but her plans changed as her passion to help others like herself began to deepen. She then went on to earn a master’s degree in social work in 2007 from the University of Houston Graduate School of Social Work.

Everyone was afraid how my mother would react so they did not let her see me until three days after I was born. It was not long after initial contact was made with the hospital that Calvo and her parents were on their way to Houston. They instilled self-confidence and taught me to believe in myself and that I could do anything I set my mind to do.
Sometimes the hurt was intentional, but often, especially in Calvo’s teen years, it came in the form of high school cliques and raging hormones that plague many young adults. It doesn?t matter what you choose, all of HLC?s materials stem from the HuMethod? a clinically proven healing modality.
It has been documented in several case studies in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) why doing written exercises helps people to quickly improve. You can study your Self-Mastery Lessons anywhere, even when your body is busy doing other things?washing dishes, driving a car, on the beach, anywhere your CD player can go. While limited to the greater Minneapolis before, Leigh has now extended her coaching services to the entire country. In 1961, Lenz proved his suspicions were validated and the drug that had earlier reveled in a barrage of positive press was quickly removed from the market place.
She received the Dorothy Caram Commitment to Leadership Award from the United Way Foundation. As fate would have it, when Calvo’s mother arrived for the electronic look at her baby, the machine was broken.
They knew immediately this was one place that could teach Calvo how to live an independent and productive life.
The most important thing I learned was to not think any less of myself because I had a disability,” Calvo said. She has been recognized as one of the 100 Houston Latinas Women in Leadership and has served on Houston civic and community boards.
Ironically, at the core of Calvo’s boundless, determined power came from her first grade teacher.
Today, Calvo is the director of transition services at Houston Community College VAST Academy.
So with that in mind, the Calvos sold their business, home and many of their personal possessions and moved the family to Houston where Calvo would spend countless hours of physical and occupational therapy for many years.
The awards and recognitions this young woman has received during her 34 short years of life are incredibly impressive.
Fortunately for Calvo, when the slings and arrows of adolescence pierced her heart, a wonderful group of friends were ever-ready to tend to her wounded spirit. But, what makes her achievements even more impressive is that she was born with no arms or legs.

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