The courses are ideal for people already working in the industry to enhance their career prospects, with recognised qualifications for professional development, and also for people looking to work within a customer-led environment.
If you are looking to succeed as a professional manager within the hospitality industry, then this course in one of the world’s fastest growing sectors will equip you with a wide range of transferable skills to meet the ever changing demands of this dynamic business.
Applications from individuals with non-standard qualifications, industry professional qualifications, relevant work or life experience and who can demonstrate the ability to cope with and benefit from degree-level studies are welcome and considered on an individual basis.
View our fantastic facilities, learn more about your course of interest and get an insight into student life. Management in Hospitality offers a fast-track BA (Hons) opportunity for HND or FD holders to study for an honours degree in one year. The programme begins with an intensive one week induction which is designed to lay the foundations for rapid skills acquisition in those areas which will assist students make the transition between FD or HND and degree level study.
According to The Guardian and Times Good University Guides, UCLan is one of the best places in the UK to study tourism, hospitality and event management.
Research-informed teaching allows us to offer fascinating and unique modules such as Dark Tourism which is optional for our Top Up students. The course is delivered by a team of internationally renowned academics, most of whom are research active, publishing in a variety of international journals, trade press and media outlets. Six modules in total are studied allowing for analysis of management issues underpinning hospitality.
Our Division also supports the Green Gecko Project in Cambodia, with students helping raise money and awareness of the charity. The three top-up programmes in either Events, Hospitality or Tourism allow for a great deal of flexibility in career choices, leaving students well placed for career opportunities throughout the international marketplace. Many of our graduates are working for large international organisations, whilst a significant number have chosen to work more locally in the UK Tourism, Event and Hospitality industry. We also have strong links with employers including Marriott Hotels, Legacy Hotels, Heathcotes and Northcote and with the smaller companies in the region - with many of our graduates staying in the region it is important we develop these relationships. The conferences, workshops and seminars offered by these associations and attended by the staff contribute to the development of the course design. Students will, on average, attend between nine and twelve hours of lectures, workshops, seminars and group activities per week.
The course structure is good for hospitality students, as all courses are designed from a unique perspective into today’s hospitality industry.
AHTS – is a privately owned, accredited training organisation based in Adelaide, South Australia.
The range of courses at the Burlington School are developed to fulfill the needs of an extensive range of students. Courses at The East Finchley School of English (“EFSE”) are delivered by qualified (CELTA or DELTA) teachers teaching the students in an interesting and stimulating way.
Islington centre for English (ICE) is located in Islington, London, which is less than 1 minute away from Angel underground station. English Language Centers (EC) has a branch in the convenient location of Euston, which is a walking distance to Oxford Street. Language Studies International (LSI) is offering English language courses for international students at Ridgmount Street, London, which is a location in the very heart of the city. International House has fifty years of experience in providing language courses to local and international students and teacher training programs for improving their English language teaching skills.
Oxford House College started teaching in 1974 and is one of the biggest colleges in terms of international students. Malvern House is located on Stukeley Street where every year about 5000 international students get enrolled for their English language training. Frances King School of English has an experience of over 35 years in teaching English courses to local and international students.
The English Studio is located just next to the Covent Garden on Holborn Cotton Street and Bloomsbury.
The Active Learning is situated at King Street Hammersmith London and is licensed by the UK Border Agency as a Highly Trusted Sponsor under Tier 4 of the Points Based System. Edgware Academy is a member of National Association of Accredited English Language and is a certified British Council academy as well. English courses are offered to adults as well as teenagers at the Excel English Language School.

You can top up your foundation degree or HND in just one year, studying in small classes alongside other final year students so that you can take advantage of the full undergraduate experience and all the facilities that a larger university like UCLan has to offer. Career development in hospitality is highly dependent on qualifications, and progression in management is difficult without a degree. Please take a look at our staff profiles: David Jarratt, Carley Sutton, Philip Stone, Richard Sharpley, Sean Gammon, Rod Train, Deborah Slater, Martine Middleton, Angela MacKenzie, Dorota Ujma. The continued growth of this sector will guarantee a wealth of opportunities over the coming years. Graduates can aspire to working in cruise ships, nightclubs, casinos, major hotel chains and restaurant groups. Our links with these key Tourism, Event and Hospitality employers ensure that our courses remain current and help to equip you with the skills and knowledge that employers need.
You will produce essays and reports, make presentations, analyse case studies and investigate relevant organisations to a set of criteria for assessment.
As a former practitioner, I benefited a lot this year as all courses helped me broaden my horizon, and enhance my understanding to myself in terms of my future chosen career.
It was established in 1981 and is one of the most experienced hospitality schools in Australia.
The British capital has an attractive combination of top quality educational institutes and a lively social life.
International students can study General English Language course or a test specific course like that of IELTS preparation or Cambridge Exams. SGI offers four types of courses to international students including General English Courses that are aimed at helping students improve their grammatical knowledge and language skills, hence resulting in improved English communication skills. EFSE offers various courses to international students and these courses include General English language Course covering all the skills of English language, and Exam preparation courses with an intense exam practice of Cambridge and IELTS exams.
Courses offered at LSI are General language courses designed for beginners, Cambridge Examination courses and IELTS, TOEFT & TOEIC coaching courses. The courses include Daytime General English courses, evening English language courses, English courses for IELTS and Cambridge Exams preparation, Executive Business and One to One Business English courses as well as University foundation courses for international students.
The college is located on Oxford Street and offers a wide range of courses for international students. Malvern offers broad range of English language courses ranging from general to specific requirement course. It attracts more than 4000 international students annually to its various English language courses. Courses offered at this ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) accredited institute are General English Courses, Non General English Courses, Intensive English Courses, Business English courses, English Conversation Classes and Academic English Language Courses.
Courses offered at The Active Learning are General English Courses (Intensive, Semi-Intensive and on Part-Time bases), English for Business which can be combined with General English course, Academic English which can be combined with General English, Examination Courses (IELTS, Cambridge Examinations, FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC and TOEIC), Skills Courses (Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking) and Special Courses to help students prepare for further and higher education.
The Personal Licence Holders Award is our first step towards obtaining a premises licence so that we can offer a complete food, drinks and entertainment package.
We offer an induction week to tell you everything you need to know about UCLan and give a chance to meet your fellow students, and offer support to make sure that you make the transition very quickly, for instance you will be allocated a personal tutor, tasked with your welfare.
The hospitality industry also favours hospitality graduates rather than graduates in other disciplines. An ethos of self development and reflection also runs through the curriculum in order to develop greater personal awareness and confidence in managing others. Some of our students continue onto our excellent Master’s courses, where they can combine Hospitality with Events, Visitor Attractions or Tourism.
The programme is designed to develop confidence and independence of learning in a progressive manner and encourage a reflective and critical approach to the process of learning about the Hospitality industry. You can also complete a dissertation giving you the opportunity to undertake a large piece of independent research. The multicultural city has nearly 90000 international students, bringing it to the top in the list of global cities for international students. The Burlington School also offers English Language courses for teachers or other specialists. Also on offer are Business English courses that give practical knowledge of modern business communications. These courses include General English lessons for international students, Cambridge Exam Preparation (FCE, CAE, CPE) for international students, Academic English Courses  (IELTS), TESOL, TEFL, and Business English courses  for international students.

These courses include General English courses to communicate fluently in everyday situations, Exam focused IELTS preparation courses, Cambridge preparation courses, Business English courses, Legal English course for ILEC exam course and Skill workshops. General English Language course is categorized in Standard General English course, Intensive English course, Part time Course and Saturday course.
These courses are grouped in three categories: Business English courses, University preparation courses and The Exam preparation courses.
LSI also offers Teacher Refreshers courses for English language and Closed Group courses for junior students. These courses include General English courses, Intensive English Courses, One to One English, Conversation & Pronunciation courses, IELTS preparation courses, Business English Courses and Cambridge exam preparation courses.
The courses at Malvern are those of IELTS preparation, preparation for Preliminary English Test, First Certificate in English, Certificate in Advanced English, Certificate of proficiency in English, Business English Certificate, Test of English for International Communication and various university preparation courses. The courses offered at the Princes are; General English Courses, Examination preparation courses and the IELTS preparation course. The class rooms at the English Studio are equipped with latest technology like interactive boards etc. The courses are also offered as One to One lessons, while Summer English language courses are offered at the Active Learning as well. The English language courses offered at Edgware are General English language courses, Intensive English language courses (to learn at a faster pace), IELTS preparation course, Business English Course, Academic English language course, FCE & CAE preparation courses and Tailor made mini group courses to enhance student English communication skills.
Excel English is offering General English and Examination Courses, Part Time English Language Courses, Experience English language courses, Professional and Business English courses, teacher refresher and Closed Group courses to international students.
The course provides a management focused programme, designed to develop awareness of and ability in corporate management and to prepare students for a successful career.
The course examines management in the Hospitality industry from a strategic perspective, in both a national and global context. If English is not the first language of an international student, then proficiency is a requirement that most students need to meet before taking part in degree programs at British Universities. The school is certified by English UK and an accredited British Council Institute.  The Burlington is situated on Chesilton Road, which is close to many central locations of the city. East Language School is giving One-to-One Tuition to its students and hence a student can learn English according to his own pace and schedule.
Some of the courses are specially designed for English language instructors and include Creative Methodology Courses, Professional Development courses and CELTA (Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) & DELTA (Cambridge Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults) courses. General English course emphasis on the grammar and structure, Business English helps students improve their general English and communication skills essential at a work place, Exam preparation courses focus on Cambridge University examinations like PET, FCE, CAE, CPE & BCE whereas the IELTS preparation course is focused to prepare students to achieve maximum score in the IELTS examination by enhancing their English language skills. Students can choose Intensive English language course at Language Palace with four hour per day training in both morning and afternoon sessions. Key themes are explored through specialist modules in Hospitality, which reinforce the vocational dimension of the programme. That is why many students opt to take an English Language Course before they proceed to their degree program. SGI has another specially designed course for international students who aim to pursue a business related degree at British University called the University Foundation Course.
IELTS preparation course focus on improving students' academic reading and writing skills and give them the skills to achieve maximum score of IELTS.
The institute also provides one to one tuition to its students for a better learning experience. In order to learn at a faster pace, The Language Centre has designed a Fast track English course for the students. Personal and professional development is emphasised throughout the year thus enhancing employability skills and a commitment to continuing professional development. In some cases, students just attend the course to improve their English without attending any university.
Learning English in an environment that fully immerses a student in the language is of real tangible worth. There is a wide range of English language courses offered in various institutes across London that can meet any student’s requirements.

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