Sports, hospitality and tourism management are fields that are growing and evolving right now. If you enjoy working with people and are also fond of travel and leisure activities, the hospitality and tourism industries could be the ideal career path for you. These are just some of the companies involved in helping people plan vacations, travel and leisure activities.
Sports management is a field that is very promising for MBA graduates with a love of sports. Careers in sports management or sports promotion offer you the possibility of a job doing something that really excites you.
While you can obtain a degree the traditional way, Master Business Administration programs online provide some distinct advantages.
If you are interested in a field such as Hospitality, Sports Management or Tourism Management, an MBA can help you prepare for a successful career. The hospitality and tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the nation with hotels, motels, and restaurants remaining open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet the demands of our traveling society. A major in hotel and restaurant management prepares students for professional careers in hospitality management by providing theory-based instruction and practical experience. A successful manager in the hospitality industry must exhibit many skills and command much specialized knowledge. Basic business knowledge is another important element of successful hotel and restaurant operations.
One of the main courses in a hotel management program is how to manage the front office of a hospitality business. Many hotel management colleges offer the chance to work in a hotel as part of their degree program. Graduate certifications and short courses also exist in hotel management for folks who don’t require a degree. Graduates from hotel and restaurant management programs choose career opportunities ranging from management of elegant resort hotels to specialty restaurants.
Dental Assistants are key members of the dental team, performing a wide range of important patient, clinical and laboratory procedures.
Sullivan University is a private institution of higher learning dedicated to providing educational enrichment opportunities for the intellectual, social and professional development of its students.
Although there are many people with an interest in food, restaurants or hospitality, not everyone has the skills or the desire to work as a chef.
One of the best parts of working in hotel management is having the opportunity to meet a range of different people from around the world.
One of the reasons that so many people are interested in working in hotel management has to do with the impressive salary earned in this position. Although there is always the potential to work in a hotel close to your hometown, many hotel managers choose to work in the hotels that are found in popular business and vacation destinations. Many careers are chosen specifically because they pay the bills and have a secure future, but hotel management is also a way for you to pursue your passions.

These are just a handful of the many reasons that people decide to earn hotel management degrees and pursue this lucrative and exciting career that can take you around the world. By obtaining an MBA degree that specializes in such a field, you can position yourself to benefit from these changes. Many of these businesses hire expert managers, marketers, PR people and other experts to help them manage their companies.
For example, in recent years we are seeing more tourists from Asian countries visiting North America. Because this field is quite competitive, obtaining an MBA gives you an edge when applying for jobs over less qualified applicants.
You can create a flexible schedule and have access to the latest technology as you download lectures. According to the National Restaurant Association the food service industry employs more than 11.3 million workers.
Students need a liberal-general education, an understanding of business administration, specialized technical knowledge of hotel and foodservice management, and practical experience in the industry. The program includes professional courses in management concepts, marketing, law, business finance, accounting and labor relations.
Hotel and restaurant managers must know how to supervise and motivate personnel so that they will provide customers with desired products and services. The short courses take a few weeks to complete and normally award diplomas or certificates to attendees. We offer a small college environment, quality programs, and flexible day, evening, or Saturday classes. We offer hands-on training programs in the culinary arts, allied health, and nursing fields.
Thankfully, there are a number of different careers within the hospitality industry that can be just as rewarding and lucrative. Guests at typical hotels come from across the globe for business and vacations, and staff at these hotels will get to interact and converse with these diverse people. Although full-time front desk staff with bachelor’s degrees can expect to earn just $40,000 annually, top hotel managers will be able to bring in more than $100,000 a year. If you have always wanted to live in exotic destinations and get out of your home state, this could be the perfect opportunity.
If you love cooking or wine tasting, you will be able to incorporate menu planning and ordering into your daily tasks.
After working successfully in local motel, you might have the chance to work in a larger hotel and then eventually a luxury resort in an exotic location. She is also an online instructor and is interested in helping people connect to the right college and degree program to help them reach their professional goals. The most tourism, travel, and resort management colleges are in New York (13 schools), Puerto Rico (13 schools), and Illinois (7 schools).The best tourism management program in the United States is offered by George Washington University. There is also an increased emphasis on online marketing and booking reservations via the internet.

A study online MBA is also considerably cheaper than taking classes in a brick and mortar college. You will naturally want to choose an online MBA program that offers the type of degree you are seeking. Courses in written and oral communication, humanities and social sciences help students develop these people skills. Short courses offered may include Strategic Hospitality Management, Hospitality and Tourism, Hospitality and Catering Management, Food and Beverage Management, Hospitality Supervision and a wide range of other courses. Hotel management careers are a great choice for anyone who has an outgoing personality, can focus on several different tasks at the same time and has a background knowledge in food or wine. If you are someone who enjoys chatting with new people, making friends and meeting travelers from around the world, then working as a hotel manager will definitely be something you will want to consider.
Keep in mind that a hotel management degree will almost certainly be necessary in order to secure these top positions.
If your hobby is interior design, you can lend your voice to remodeling efforts within the hotel. As technology and other developments change these industries, people seeking new jobs and careers can prepare by furthering their education. This means that marketing and PR specialists must be extremely web savvy to succeed in this type of business. Subjects in a hotel management program include Food & Beverage Management, Guest Services, Lodging Operations, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Club and Resort Operations, and other areas critical to the success of hospitality professionals. Students develop this knowledge through courses in commercial food preparation and service, hotel operation, foodservice systems, beverage operations, nutrition and computer science.
You want to provide excellent customer service as long as it does not interfere with good business practices. Before you can secure a position in this industry, you will need to earn one of the many hotel management degrees available through culinary schools and colleges.
To compare all tourism management schools, please narrow your search by state or desired diploma.
Still another significant trend is the popularity of green or environmentally sustainable travel.
For example, auto racing, soccer and mixed martial arts are currently enjoying rapid growth, while baseball is declining slightly. There are many online MBA programs that can be tailored to specific areas such as hospitality or sports.
They learn aspects of guest services at the same time as learning how a hospitality business works. Other classes in a hotel management degree program include front desk operations, accounting, dealing with maintenance, handling security, event management.

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