Here’s a resume sample for a Hotel Management Trainee or Food and Beverage Management. Randall (not his real name) is a focused and driven young man who is a full-time student in Hotel and Restaurant Management.
In the Summary of Qualifications section, Randall shows that he is serious about his career path.
He also presents his language skills, which tells the reader that Randall is at ease with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, whether that would be his fellow team members or the clients they serve. Randall uses the major heading of Hospitality Experience to announce to the reader that he is focused only on this type of work. In that section of the resume, he first lists his main job as a sub-heading in bold, and the statements that follow show the range of his duties for his former employer. He also uses bold type wisely to begin each sub-point, which draws attention to key facts and numbers that impress the reader. The second section heading, Vacation Trainee, tells us that Randall is an eager student, ready and willing to learn all of the aspects of the hotel business. A three years enriching hotel management programme focusing on hospitality, travel, tourism and general management leading to careers in the hospitality and services sector.
Complementing prescribed syllabi with periodic real world exposure that will blend both, theory and practice, and significantly enhance confidence and self-assurance.
We invite young minds and hearts that synchronize with the rhythm of the Hospitality Industry to experience exceptional Hospitality Education at the Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel Management as a prelude to their career in an industry where skill and knowledge are integral to comprehensive management. We are in the midst of a paradigm shift towards the service sector and the adage that the customer is king has never been more relevant than today.
You should choose Commerce, If you want then you can choose Science because the eligibility for Hotel Management course is 10+2 with any stream from a recognized board. Basically for doing Hotel management course , there is no such specific subject that you need to study in your 10+ level of studies . Let me tell you that subject choose in 11th standard will not affect your management career .

You can choose any of the stream in 12th as there is no such restriction for hotel management course.
Past years question papers of ICFAI University on Treasury and Forex Management Group (H) and Strategic Management (Group H)? As its name implies, Hotel Dash is a management and strategy game based on hotel developed by PlayFirst. Hotel Management System Full Board is a software tool developed specifically to help hotel owners, managers and employees organize their day-to-day activities regarding reservations, services and rooms. Resembling Microsoft Office's design, this utility is accessible to any type of user, regardless of their prior experience.
First and foremost, it is possible to create multiple types of rooms, by providing information such as type, code, number of adults, infants and children it can fit, bed type and bedroom number. This program lets you input an unlimited number of services, alongside their name, code, type, rate and short description.
There is a room search tool you can take advantage of, all information can be exported as XLS, HTML and TXT files, while reports can be generated regarding guest and room reservations, lead time, and reservation sources. Multiple levels of access can be created, namely admin and user roles, and you can back up all the information collected, so as to prevent sudden data loss.
All in all, it becomes clear that Hotel Management System Full Board is a complex and efficient piece of software for hotel management.
This appliction comes in handy to hotel managers when creating, editing and maintaining customer reservations. With a collection of simple yet powerful features, your hotel will achieve the incredible organization and piece of mind that comes with a computerized record-keeping system. This job seeker uses the functional resume format in a different way, so that it is more of a hybrid or combination format.
He chose this unique functional hybrid format to add strength to his resume and to show that he has both the school learning and the on-the-job experience to further his career in the Hospitality field. At SR IHM we have done exactly that with an unparalleled infrastructure spread over an expanse of 40,000 square feet (all of it is air-conditioned!) and encompassing state of the art facilities and equipment that would probably make even a full - fledged hotel envious.

What could benefit the student immensely to think beyond and apply the knowledge taught in practical ways.
One thing you need to keep in your mind is that your education background must be from English medium . It is a job oriented course and has excellent job opportunities if you are able to complete this course successfully. In the iPhone game, you must try your best to satisfy all the needs of the customers, and achieve 5-star status on every level to restore the VIP rooms, and decorate your hotel in order to attract more customers.
You can also specify if the room is for non-smokers and add other details you deem necessary in the description box. Guests can be added with details such as name, e-mail, gender, company, position, country, home address and type of guest (contact person, employee, executive, personal contact etc.), while reservations can be made by providing similar information, as well as check in and out dates, special requests (if any), payment method (cash or credit card) and total costs. It is user-friendly, has a good response time and enough options to satisfy all your clients. It’s helped job seekers find work through several recessions, as well as good economic times. The calendar of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities round the year will excite, extend, exceed, excel and empower students, motivating them to participate and contribute to the already vibrant ambiance.
You will have to do internship in any hotel as a part of the course and your experience during this period will be very critical in getting you a nice job.
Hotel Dash comes with 40 levels full of challenges, and as we can see from the images, it also features beautiful, vivid 2D graphics, apart from that, the iPhone game also supports Retina display.
If you need a guide to writing your resume, pick up a copy at your local book store or find it online.

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