Uganda's worship places Namirembe, Christ Da king, and Watoto Church, shrine, Church Rubaga Cathedral, all Saints Nakasero, in Kampala Uganda.
Being the oldest and most centrally located Diocese in Uganda, Namirembe plays an outstanding role in gauging the life and spirit of the whole church in general as far as Uganda is concerned.Namirembe is the oldest, among the 29 Diocese of the Anglican Church of the Province of Uganda.
All Saints’ Cathedral is the seat of Kampala Diocese in the Church of Uganda, created out of Namirembe Diocese in 1972 to provide a pastoral area for the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda.
The Namugongo Uganda Martyrs Shrine is about a 20 minutes drive from Kampala, the capital of Uganda. Construction of the Uganda House of Worship, located on Kikaya Hill on the outskirts of Kampala, began in 1958 and was completed in 1962.
A wonder in itself, the state of the art miracle center cathedral is situated in Kampala Uganda. On Easter Sunday April 22nd 1984, Kampala Pentecostal Church was born in the Crystal Suite of the Imperial Hotel. Parishioners of a Philadelphia Ukrainian Orthodox church say the four-alarm fire that destroyed millions of dollars in furniture and artifacts and left a gaping hole in the center of the historic building also revealed a miracle.
Although a large portion of the church’s roof collapsed and more than 100 firefighters doused the building in water to tame the blaze, several icons remained untouched by the flames at the historic house of worship in the East Oak Lane section of the city on Sunday. According to local historian Marita Krivda Poxon, in the Ukrainian Orthodox community, Saint Mary the Protectress is recognized as the protector of all Ukrainian people. At one point, 125 firefighters and 33 engines were on the scene trying to get the fire under control.
Poxon says any attempt to rebuild would be difficult because of the historic elements of the church.
Firefighters were still on the scene this afternoon removing large debris from the premises. The House of Healing Prophetic Miracle Center has the two-fold mission of impacting the natural and spiritual advancement of individuals.
Additionally, the House of Healing Prophetic Miracle Center is a safe haven that provides a means for persons who are estranged from the local Church to again reach a place of intimacy, communion and trust with Father that encourages acclimation into a local assembly. A true incident which shocked and brought repentance to hundreds of people in the Russian Soviet city of Kuibyshev (modern day Samara), in the year 1956. When her mother came back and saw what had happened, she fell unconscious and they took her to the hospital, where she stayed for several days. On the eve of the feast of the Annunciation (which that year fell on the Saturday of the third week of Great Lent) a genial elder approached the guards and asked them to allow him to see Zoë. A little time passed and when the guards wanted to kick the elder out, he wasn't to be found in the room. The nightshift guards started to tremble and asked, "Why are you crying out so frightfully?" Pay attention to her answer: "How dreadful, the earth is burning!
With fear and tears the people sought forgiveness for their sins, repeating Zoë's words, "How dreadful, the earth is burning, we are lost because of our sins!
On the third day of Pascha, Zoë left for the Lord, since she had traveled the difficult road of standing for 128 days before the face of the Lord for the forgiveness of all her sins.
Read about Aleksandr Proshkin's film, Chudo, ["The Miracle"] based on the true events described in this article.

The space, with its wood paneling, fluorescent lighting and lack of windows, more resembled a waiting room than a house of god.
All of the adult members participate in some musical capacity, either with instruments or their voices. A young boy reads from his Bible study booklet and shares what he learned with the entire congregation.
Mary's Catholic Cathedral, which is a magnificent edifice standing on a hill overlooking the city.
Seventy five people attended the first service including Gary and Marilyn Skinner and their Children Timothy, Rachel and James. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Apparently she was the saint in the Ukraine that protected the people of the country of the Ukraine," Poxon said.
The cause of the fire has not yet been identified, but officials believe it was electrical. Vladimir Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral on 5th and Independence Street, says his parish will be supporting St.
He says the church is considering starting a fund to raise money, but says he's still unsure of any exact plans for rebuilding. The primary focus of the HOH Prophetic Miracle Center is to provide individuals guidance and instruction essential for success in every area of life.
The House of Healing Prophetic Miracle Center is considered a bridge of forgiveness whereby Believers can achieve assurance of heart and find safe passage to the commitment required for sustained fellowship with and maturity in the local Church. Her faith in God's compassion and her warm motherly prayers for the forgiveness of her unfortunate daughter, by the Grace of God, restored her vitality.
The faithful who came, or, even yet, walked from afar, the curious, doctors, and spiritual leaders. The Hieromonk Seraphim from the Glinsk desert, who had come to Kuibyshev for the feast of the Nativity, performed the Holy Water service and blessed the icon. The Metropolitan Nicholas, who also read the Paraklesis and said, "We must wait till Pascha for a new miracle," repeating the saying of the pious hieromonk. Zoë had stayed standing there for exactly four months (128 days) until Pascha, which that year fell on April 23 (May 6 on the New Calendar). Many people again found their faith in God, having seen the miracles, hearing her screams and her entreaties for us to pray for the people who are lost on account of their sins.
Answering the letters that came to the management of a well-known newspaper, one haughty scientist claimed that the occurrence with Zoë is really not that incredible, but he declared that it is one form of muscular rigidity still unknown to science. The photographer was out to lunch with his family in Senoia, Georgia, when they heard a loud beat seeping through a building nearby.
Built in the valley, the glass cathedral fills up every weekend with people who turn up for services. With a humble beginning, commitment of the leadership and congregation, and Gods Blessing, KPC has experienced tremendous growth and has been fulfilling God's Vision of being an English-speaking Community Church which celebrates the Sovereignty of Christ while bringing healing to the city and the nation.
Recognizing that God has uniquely bestowed upon each of us His spiritual endowment the HOH Prophetic Miracle Center serves as a platform whereby maturity can be attained through knowledge, understanding and the opportunity to exercise each ministry gift.

At that time it was the fast for Christmas* and Zoë's mother begged her not to plan a dinner, but the daughter insisted on having things her way.
This falsehood of such a hypothesis is apparent, seeing that: First, with rigidity such a petrified hardness of the skin does not occur, so much so that the doctors are not able to inject the sick. The First challenge Pastor Gary and the leadership faced was to find a home for the church whose membership was doubling by the day. If nothing happens, it means the end of the world is drawing near!" These words show his deep faith in miracles. They eventually put her on a mattress but she continued to cry out and call all to pray for the world which is lost because of its sins, for the earth which is burning because of its lawlessness.
From this, it was clear she had received mercy and forgiveness from the right hand of the Lord Almighty.
Those who didn't wear a cross started to wear one, even though at that time you might have paid with your life just for that. Nicholas the Wonderworker from the wall and said, "I'll take this Nicholas and I'll go dance with him," not paying any attention to her friends, who advised her not to commit such a blasphemous act.
The doctors, who arrived quickly, were not able to bring her to her senses in spite of their attempts. Some of the guards' hair turned white, even though they were still young (28-30), from the fright of hearing Zoë's terrifying cries every night. The return was so en masse that the churches didn't have enough little crosses for everyone who sought one.
Third, a sickness by itself does not return a person to God and does not bring revelations from Heaven. The injection needles, which they tried to stick in her, bent and broke as they hit her marbleized body!
Nicholas the Wonderworker, and because of her great tribulations, and her standing for the duration of 128 days. While in Zoë's case, not only thousands found their faith again in God, but they showed their faith in deed, that is, they were baptized and lived morally. The question stuck with him until he finally reached the church’s pastor and asked to take some photos. She did two or three twirls, when all of sudden there was a fearful noise in the room, a whirlwind, and a blinding light flashed like lightening. From this it is clear that we are not talking about some simple illness, but about divine economy. God truly makes fast the faith, to deliver people from their sins and from punishment because of them.

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