If you answered YES to any of these, then becoming a certified life coach is the perfect career for you! We believe in our product and you so much, that if you aren’t completely transformed we’ll give you every penny back. A while back I sat down for a discussion with Houstonian Noah Rattler who has made this issue a platform since 2007. Life coaches are able to operate a prosperous practice by helping others create a better life by achieving their personal and professional goals. We understand that time is money That’s why we have developed a 1­Day Intensive Training Seminar that sets you up with all of the resources needed to run a successful life coaching business.

With over 20 years of training and more than 5,000 certified life coaches, our program simply works. Unlike many other programs, which require you to invest thousands of dollars and years of valuable time, our proprietary one ­day program is backed by the #1 Premier Life Coach Training Organization in the world, the International Coaching Science Research Foundation (ICS Research). She is truly passionate and driven about life; she serves as the founding Director of Spiritual Expressions Praise Dance Ministry, and with this ministry she spends countless hours mentoring young ladies and performs at least ten community service hours a week. If you answered YES to any of the above questions you are ready to become a certified Life Coach with our 1 Day Intensive Life Coach Training seminar. After graduation you will continue to be supported by our group of mentors and former graduates.

She spends her weekends teaching free dance lesson to the youth in her community ages twelve and under. If you’re ready to make a change NOW, then our 1­Day Intensive Life Coach Training is the ideal opportunity for you. Some of our graduates go on to become full time life coaches and others choose to work part time and spend their time on other passions.

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