The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. A Christmas Eve mistake has led to the largest lottery jackpot in Kentucky history being won by a Georgetown couple. Rob Anderson, his wife Tuesday and a collection of family members came to Kentucky Lottery headquarters in Louisville today with their winning ticket, which was a $3 Quick Pick. Christmas Eve day started for 39 year-old Rob just like it did for many people – rushing around to buy last-minute Christmas gifts.
On the Sunday morning after the drawing (December 27), Rob checked the winning numbers on his DirectTV system and knew they weren’t any of the ones he usually picked. Still not believing what he was seeing, Tuesday called her father and asked him to read back the winning Powerball numbers. In the eleven days since the drawing, Rob has taken the time to meet with an attorney to decide how best to move forward.

Rob said the first few nights after the big win were sleepless, and he’d been taking the rest of the time “day by day. As for the future, Rob says he and Tuesday haven’t made any concrete plans but have looked at some pieces of property and a few new vehicles.
So many people from New Jersey are (and have) playing the Pick 6 Lottery with the hopes of one day snatching the grand price that’s worth millions of bucks. Its jackpot starts from $2 million and then it increases by at least $200,000 per rollover. The numbers in Pick 6 New Jersey Lotto are randomly picked, however; the people facilitating the game will always assure every player that there are no tricks during the game.
Despite the numbers being picked without any order, their arrangements are created in such a way that a player can actually win. When he went home later that evening he threw the $3 ticket on the nightstand in his bedroom, not paying much attention to it as it wasn’t what he usually played.

My nerves were shot, and I drank a few beers to help calm me down.” The ticket was kept in a safe.
One thing they’ve both talked about is their new-found wealth will allow them to go back to school to further their education.
You simply need to mark the number of draws on your bet slip that corresponds to the number of drawings you would like to play.

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