In 1984, Cartagena's colonial walled city and fortress were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is an outstanding example of the military architecture of the 16th-18th centuries. Businesses and consumers across the European Union became more optimistic about their prospects in May, shrugging off concerns about a rise in nationalism and threats to the integrity of the bloc.
Horse husband Gamal Awad, (Eventer Hawley Bennet) and Rich Moorehaed (Julie Goodnight) join us on this Classic Revisit from the Stable Scoop Radio Show. The amazing story of Secretariat's Triple Crown victory in 1973 required special vfx treatment by Pixel Magic (under the supervision of Ray McIntyre Jr.), since the production was not allowed to shoot racing footage on location.
In addition to the Triple Crown that comprises The Kentucky Derby in Louisville, The Preakness in New York and The Belmont in Baltimore, Secretariat featured qualifying runs in New York at the Aqueduct and Saratoga. McIntyre's approach was to record all the camera information and sites and tilts and dolly tracks. Pixel Magic, whose team also included Brad Moylan (compositing supervisor), Rif Dagher (CG supervisor), Victor DiMichina (production supervisor), Dione Wood (VFX producer) and Ray Scalice (general manager), then went about making the environment fit the appropriate track: changing the backstretch or the area behind the corner as well as on the infield when the camera pans with the horses and you see the grandstands and the rest of the environment. The stadiums were empty except for Churchill Downs, which holds about 65,000 people, so they populated the stands with CG spectators. There were CG horses in a few shots done in 3ds Max and CG dirt and dust kicked up using thinkingParticles. The debut race where Secretariat doesn't perform because he's too young is at the Aqueduct. The work involved a tremendous amount of roto, not only for the environment but also for every single horse "because we were putting grandstands and people beyond them. The Sixth Summit aims to produce a focused declaration with concrete commitments that are realistic, measurable and that can produce tangible results. Wittich from Hagyard Equine, Tammy Sronce shares her experience dealing with a Keratoma Tumor and Horse & Country TV's Victoria Spicer has the headlines from Europe. Chris Ray talks about being a Rock Star Vet, Amberley Snyder speaks to being a barrel racer, roper and motivational speaker, Amy Rodgers and Rhianna Russell chat about Miss Rodeo Alum.
Then, when I went back to recreate Belmont, I went to Kingland, where production could shoot with extras inside. Since I was doing so much rotoscope anyway -- the horses and the their manes, all the dirt being kicked up -- I figured a little more roto for the people at the railing didn't add that much work; it gave me some reality.

Straight Flush’s rescue will forever warm our hearts and remind us of all the efforts of those who not only care, but also act, to make a difference in the welfare of these beautiful animals. And two-year-old horses race from the backstretch around the front stretch and only race half the track.
We will miss the old guy but can find solace in the fact that he lived a full life and was happy right to the very end. The actual horserace footage, again, was shot in Louisiana, so we did have some extras there. The stands were huge but the issue was that it was November, and they don't get very many people to attend, but at least you can deal with scale and size.
I shot additional greenscreen extras with same camera angles and populated the near ground with real people and the rest are all CG, depending on the shot. Down almost to hide and bones, Straight Flush stood stoically in a muddy Texas cattle feed lot, awaiting a final ride to a horsemeat slaughterhouse. 1 – the universal birthday for all thoroughbreds registered in North America – Straight Flush turned 32, making him one of the oldest horses you will ever meet.
Straight Flush, the 32-year-old, is a brother of the most famous racehorse in the world and a living reminder, for some, of the Camelot days of Penny Chenery’s Meadow Stable of three decades ago. His owner didn’t have any potential buyers nearby and just thought that as a brother of Secretariat, he should see if someone wanted him.” The softhearted Texas feed lot owner was right. Diaz registered a bid of $200 and pretty much forgot about it, thinking she’d gotten the bidding going and someone would end up with the horse. A few days later a message arrived saying ‘Congratulations, you won the auction.’ “I contacted the owner and he told me that watching him, knowing where he was headed, he just felt terrible, but he wasn’t able to afford to keep him,” said Diaz. Diaz found that Straight Flush had been a stallion for a number of years in the Southwest, bopping around from one farm to another. Despite limited success, there was always somebody new willing to take a chance on a stallion with his pedigree, a brother of Secretariat. By phone, Diaz arranged for a special box to be constructed to help stabilize Straight Flush for a long van trip to a new home in California.
Plain bay, wide face, with a kind expression.” For original owner Penny Chenery, the description was almost as certain as his lip tattoo.

Diaz’s observations matched Chenery’s memories of long ago days when Straight Flush was born into her barn – the son of Secretariat’s stablemate Riva Ridge, who had won the 1972 Derby. They’ve kind of earned the right to retire.” Photographer April Ward recently visited Straight Flush and found the horse happily enjoying his days in the desert sunshine.
The oldest living Kentucky Derby winner is the filly Genuine Risk, now 30, and turned out in Virginia. The old guys actually met once in a stakes race in Atlantic City in 1979 with John Henry finishing second and Straight Flush fifth. Straight Flush and Secretariat are both sons of the famous broodmare Somethingroyal, and thus brothers in her female family line.
Somethingroyal produced 18 offspring by 12 different stallions, so Straight Flush had 17 brothers and sisters. Steve DiMauro trained the California group.” Straight Flush notched his first victory Feb.
To set that in context, a week later at the same track a 3-year-old named Affirmed won another prep for the Santa Anita Derby on his way to the 1978 Triple Crown. Records show that he stood at a farm in Vivian, Louisiana, and then later at Paradise Farms in Longview, Texas. It is believed Straight Flush may have served as a stallion as far west as Colorado, siring 176 foals. The best of his sons and daughters was probably Texas Echo, who won 18 races in a long career. Winding down in value over the years, he probably came back to Texas as part of a stock dispersal, an old throw-in horse arriving finally on that feed lot where his only future was no future at all.

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