Remember to visit the Big Fish Games Forums if you find you need more game help, or for technical trouble shooting see our FAQ. Place attractions, enigmas, decorations, and walkers to earn JuJu, energy, and open levels! Post a picture of your manor on the Dark Manor Facebook page for a chance to win gold and have your manor featured in the game. If you earned a high score, you will see a medal (O) and your score will appear on the list (P). Use the buttons below to play the scene again (T), return to your mansion (U), or look at the available chapters (V). The neighbor’s icon will take you to an area where you can send and receive gifts and manage your neighbors. Enigmas (B), Decorations (C), Paths (E), and Walkers (F) cost gold or silver and will earn Juju and experience once you place them on your manor. Attractions (D) cost gold or silver and will earn you silver once they are placed on your property. Drag the item to the location you want and select the arrows to change the orientation (L). Some items require you to start them, and will provide a different reward depending on the time of day you harvest them (Q). The check-mark indicates you are connected to the Facebook and Game Center Leaderboards (A). Locked chapters will have a lock and sometimes the amount of juju required to unlock the level (B). Once you have cleared the land to these areas at your manor, select the bonus button to access those levels (D).

You will also earn up to 20 gold, depending on the size of your bet and the row in which the jackpot appears (I). Dark Manor utilizes server saves; most likely you have been logged out of your account and just need to re-sync it.
If you are logged into Facebook and your manor is not restored, please contact Customer Support.
Contact Big Fish Customer Support with your player ID (displayed in options) and the name of your Mansion. Margie B is the Senior Strategy Guide Editor for Big Fish Games, working on the East Coast. Whether you just want to feel the exciting experience of the famous gambling game or you want to have an app that can transform your mobile phone into something extraordinary, this app will surely keep you entertained.
Earn silver by completing quests and harvesting the items you place on your mansion grounds. Make sure your walkers can access the attractions like the Tesla Coil by placing paths on your grounds.
She has been creating guides for the past 7 years and has several hundred guides under her belt. When you download this app, you will be given a welcoming bonus which enables you to spin and gamble right away. Linking to Facebook also backs up your manor and allows you to play across different systems like PC and iPad, plus you earn an exclusive item (B). XP is earned by solving hidden object scenes, completing quests, and placing certain items on your manor. In her spare time she enjoys playing games on her iPad, going to the movies, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.

You can play this game if you want to pass the time and you will never get bored again.*** Many themes are available to choose from. Select the theme that you like the most and enjoy your gambling game.*** If you are worried about running out of cash to gamble, worry no more. Play as much as you want and keep on collecting your rewards to be able to spin and win.*** Claim hourly rewards.
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