Have you then been brought back down to earth by just wondering how much it would all cost? It doesn’t matter which category you fall into- you’ll know straight away which sounds more appealing to you. If you’re big into going out drinking, partying, and doing everything while you’re staying somewhere, you’re going to have to take that into account.
So once you’ve decided which standard of lifestyle you’ll be looking for while traveling, you need to decide where you’re going. I found a really interesting infographic from Business Insider which shows the cost of living in each country- so you can get a really good idea of how far your money will go just by having a look at this (find it here).
Are you planning on buying a round the world flight and stopping off in multiple destinations throughout the year? So, from personal experience, I can tell you my costs of living in a few different countries.
What you have to realise is that if you were to be out drinking all the time, those costs would skyrocket. You’ve then got to think of how much it’ll cost you to travel between these places- buses, taxis and trains will cost you money as well as your flights. It’s really a matter of deciding where you would like to go, which routes to travel, and what you want to do when you’re there.
I know that it sounds quite complicated when you first start out, but if you’re trying to see a bit of everything, I’d advise that you spend some time in the expensive countries, but the majority of your time in the cheaper ones.
To give you an idea of annual costs, some have reported being able to live off $10,000 for the year. In the meantime, if you have any requests for further posts or have any comments, please drop me a message below!
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After seeing how much marriage is really going to cost you, you may now be considering tying the knot at the court house.
Owning a car spells luxury and comfort and no matter which part of the world you live in, it has become an almost necessity in these times to own a car.
Depending on what you need or what you like, you can get a curtain that suits your personality. Have you dreamed of seeing every corner of the earth, wandering with your life on your back, carefree and at peace?
Worry not, I’m here to help you figure out what it would really cost you to go and live your dreams. I grew up in the countryside and am very much at home in the wilderness, and in my own company. Countries like Australia, the USA, the UK (in fact, most European countries) and Japan will be much more expensive than, for example, Cambodia, Indonesia or Bolivia.
Generally speaking, that’s the most economical way of buying your flights, so it’s definitely worth considering.
Please bear in mind that this cost simply covered my accommodation and very basic food- nothing fancy at all. You can also think about picking up some work abroad, but that’s a story for a whole different post. I’ll be covering more details in future posts, including location guides, finding cheap flights, and deciding upon accommodation. The reason I chose these ones is simply because of personal experience- I like to write what I know, and therefore what I know is true. Most of the people spend a lot of time in their cars, this makes it obvious that they would want it to be comfortable and offer some privacy. The fact is the state has laws against window tinting, that too after a certain permissible limit. It is mostly seen that the female gender prefers pinks and pastel shades as well as a little Victorian era frill that is in these days.
They like to tick off boxes- skydiving, white water rapids, Sydney Opera House, bungee jumping, drinking in every city they live in (and move around a lot- standard). For now, we’re just talking about how much money you’ll need to live off for a year abroad.
You’ll also experience a much higher standard of living for the same amount of money in the less developed places.

Car window curtains are a step in that direction to make your vehicle, more comfortable, stylish as well as add a touch of personality to it.
They can be dawn back and forth according to your wish, and can be tied anyway you want to. On the other hand men prefer to have simpler shades like white, sky blue or darker shades like black or navy blue. Not just for the money I saved, but for getting to see Mexico, and experiencing life as a broke-ass traveller. In addition to all these factors, nothing can beat the fact that these curtains look really great and add a touch of aristocracy because traditionally only the VIP vehicles had them. In case of curtains however, there are no rules that clearly state that they are illegal for use in your personal vehicle.
Window tinting cannot be applied and removed according to your wish; on the other hand, these can be taken out and reinstalled at a later date. You can get them in as many patterns and type of clothes as you want, be it cotton, lace, net etc. One set of fees if the couple seeking the license presents a certificate of completion of a qualifying premarital education program, and another set of fees if the couple does not.
Therefore, people can very easily use the benefit of doubt, as there are no rules whether in favor of it, or against it. It lands an aesthetic appeal to your personal vehicle, especially when used with taste and elegance. The best thing is you can always draw them back to ensure visibility and everyone is happy!
That is not all, as they provide protection against sun, especially on those days when it is too harsh to be driving around in the afternoon sun. You can take professional help to get them installed, where it is their headache to watch over things, or learn to do it yourself, as it is not a rocket science to install curtains in your own car. So whatever be your type, make sure you get it installed in your car, and feel the difference it makes!

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