Patriot-News callers sound off on Penn State's search for a basketball coach, the Stanley Cup finals and Patriot-News coverage. PENN STATE * PENN STATE needs to hire a basketball coach that can recruit New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Washington. P-N COVERAGE * AS AN ATHLETIC director of a local high school, Steve Foltz was one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. Just like a new coach might hope at the beginning of a new season, Craig Robinson knew his brother-in-law’s Presidential campaign had a “real possibility” of succeeding. Friday afternoon, Robinson was looking forward to a quiet weekend with his wife and children to let the reality of it all sink in. For all the historic precedent of the past week, however, Robinson is now in “business as usual mode. Robinson in April inherited an OSU program that is coming off an 0-18 season in the Pac 10, carrying a 21-game losing streak and looking for its first NCAA tournament appearance since 1990. A few hours after Chicago, he was back on the job, watching film, running a practice and looking for ways to make OSU better.

It would be naive to say that the notoriety of being the coach whose brother-in-law is president of the most powerful government on Earth won’t affect the OSU program, Robinson said. Spoken just like a new coach hoping for a “real possibility” of success at the beginning of a new season. The good basketball coach emphasizes that winning is not everything and winning is only possible through team spirit. A good basketball coach will try to give equal opportunity Personalized Lanyards and play time to every player of the team. 30, 2008 file photo, Charlotte Bobcats head coach Larry Brown tries to get his team revved up during the second quarter in an NBA basketball game against the Cleveland Cavaliers in Cleveland.
For the last two days you have a whole page on why Penn State doesn’t want Larry Brown and one whole page on how to wear mouth guards and everything else, but you cannot put in the NASCAR lineup? 4 and towering over his brother-in-law, Robinson felt “a powerful rush” as 120,000 people in Chicago’s Grant Park cheered, screamed, and cried after Obama’s acceptance speech. In case some player gets less playing time, the coach must be able to explain properly about the cause of it.

The coach had been an important part of the campaign, representing Obama at more than 50 events over the past year. He should also know the weaknesses and strength of each player and should capitalize on it. Larry Brown, an old-time coach with all these credentials, [is who] we need to step in for a year or two to maybe bring someone in or build the program up. When you have a championship-round game and it rains, you suspend the game and pick it up where you left off the next day. He took the stage with the rest of the family after Obama’s victory speech, and was awed by both the crowd’s energy and the moment.

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