It began in the summer of 2010, when DeMasi was coaching his son Dominic DeMasi's baseball team.
Soon, more letters arrived, each one containing increasingly more specific and personal information about DeMasi. While the letters continued to frighten the DeMasi family, they found comfort in their new friendship with Janet Chiauzzi, a neighbor whose son had played baseball with Dominic DeMasi. Refusing to give into the letter's demand, John DeMasi continued to manage the team, with his terrified son still on the team. Days later, John DeMasi's children were pulled out of school and interviewed by Nassau County Child Protective Services. While the investigation by state social workers found the abuse allegations baseless, Nassau County Police were deep in their own investigation of who was sending the letters to the DeMasi family. The content of the letters that showed the author had some intimate knowledge of the family's background and was clearly involved in East Meadow Little League. In May 2012, Chiauzzi pleaded guilty to six misdemeanor counts and two felonies: second-degree stalking and first-degree filing of a false instrument.

While the DeMasi family received civil damages for the stalking, one thing Linda Demasi said they still havena€™t gotten is an apology. David Belisle spoke to his Rhode Island players who were in tears after being eliminated from the Little League World Series.
Late rally in the Little League World Series leads to one team's elimination facing off last night Chicago and Rhode Island. I know where your daughter goes to dance school," John DeMasi's wife, Linda DeMasi, recalled one of the letters saying. One letter was addressed to John DeMasi, and the other was addressed to his then 10-year-old son Dominic. The addresses on the envelopes were all written in the same handwriting and used the exact same stamps. In June 2011, Chiauzzi was arrested and charged with four counts of stalking, two counts of falsely reporting an incident, two counts of endangering the welfare of a child and four counts of aggravated harassment. Linda DeMasi had her daughter collect addresses for a pretend fundraiser in order to get a handwriting sample from Chiauzzi.

Chiauzzi told police she had become enraged when John DeMasi didn't choose her son for the Little League travel team. And got a tiebreaking RBI single in the fifth to Chicago kids win a close 18 to seven tonight they played the team from -- and Texas once again -- Facing elimination.
Another note from that game a lot of people are talking about the emotional post game speech from Rhode island's coach.
I'm going to be an old man I mean memories like -- -- -- -- -- this case your my boys -- to -- the boys of -- A great message for those guys -- dry eyes in that -- well done.

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