Rivergum College principal Gregg Smith with school leaders Clay (far right), Josh, Emily and Hailey (far left). A small Christian primary school will become the first non-government high school in the Riverland next year under plans to expand its enrolments to include secondary year levels.Rivergum College, formerly known as Riverland Christian School, currently has 63 students at its Glossop campus and expects to offer Year 8 in 2017. There isn't an independent or Christian secondary school [in the Riverland];, the closest is Faith Lutheran [at Tanunda], which is 145-150km away. The Year 7 students at Rivergum College will next year become the first intake of Year 8 students. Year 7s to move into middle schoolThe school expects 20 students for its first Year 8 intake and will fall in line with the eastern states by ending primary grades at Year 6.This will create a middle school of Year 7-9 and secondary school of Year 10-12. We also look at what type of students we are turning out; when they leave the school, what are they read for, are they prepared to stand up and take a risk for what they believe it?
Rivergum College sits on 12 acres and the school is planning a new sporting oval on this vacant section of its grounds. Wesfarmers reinvigorated Kmart to take the fight to Big W and won, but at the expense of stable mate Target.
This service may include material from Agence France-Presse (AFP), APTN, Reuters, AAP, CNN and the BBC World Service which is copyright and cannot be reproduced. Then came yoga; another 10 years of an all-encompassing sport sprinkled with animal rights and vegetarianism. I was working in a dental office around the holidays and received tons of thanks for junk food. I do HITT cardio for 20 minutes three days per week right after workouts during the off-season. I eat a low fat, moderate carb, high protein diet in the off-season that consists of whole grains, lean meats, and as many veggies as I can tolerate. For contest prep, I usually carb cycle (eating carbs after workouts and one day per week), but primarily stay on a ketogenic diet. I like to be fully stocked with multi-vitamins, pre-workout, BCAAs, CLA, glutamine, creatine, whey and casein protein powder. I have realistic expectations and know I'm not going to be on the circuit, do fitness commercials, and live, eat, and breathe this industry because I have other goals that supersede my bodybuilding goals. Our Amateur Bodybuilder of the Week has the extraordinary qualities to endure the pain and discipline of bodybuilding.

She loves bodybuilding, competing, and being in control of her body, but most of all, she wants to be a better mother, hygienist, and Christian.
In high school, I was fascinated by wrestlers due to their conditioning and self-control to make weight. Somewhere in all of this I got married, got fat, got divorced, got fatter, and lost all drive to be fit. With the momentum of change, I decided to make a bikini contest (Planet Beach) a far off goal. The inventor describes it as heavy progressive weights; lower volume, but higher frequency with multi-rep rest pause training, extreme stretching, carb cutoffs, cardio, high protein intake, and blasting and cruising phases (periodization). I remember a wrestler's aunt, who was a bodybuilder, came to our school and gave a speech. I became a competitive climber, gym manager, and helped develop a climbing area in Winslow, Arizona called Jack's Canyon. The other days are filled with Frisbee, bike rides, climbing, and hikes with my active family. This period runs 10-14 weeks and then I do a cruise week that basically consists of what I feel is best: light body workout, cardio focus, or rest.
Oatmeal, bananas, brown rice, multigrain, vegetables, limited fruits, chicken, turkey, eggs, lean beef, yogurt, and protein powders are the basics of my diet.
I eat one cheat meal a week and usually get so sick that I spend an entire day recovering and contemplating the power of the mind. It's very hard to compete with girls half my age with no war wounds from child rearing. So, I started slow; walking in my neighborhood, Body Electric on TV in the morning before the kids woke up, and using soup cans as dumbbells. Call it endorphins or adrenaline, but the outcome is the same; exhaustion, accomplishment, and desire. Less than six months later, I entered my first figure competition, placed Top 3, and continue to compete to this day. I've seen it time and time again at shows, where the winner is sitting alone at dinner trophy in hand.
At 300-plus pounds, he does routines on stage that rival some of the best fitness routines.

Preschool educators require extensive training in the field of early childhood education and development.
In addition to your required high school core subjects of reading, writing and arithmetic, you can get a head start on your preschool teaching career by taking several helpful electives. In a high school art class, you will learn about different artists, their works and their methods, as well as refine your own artistic technique.
While this information is important, you should also remember that art is always about the process, not the product. Singing nursery rhymes, playing instruments, whistling and even reading a book in different voices are all ways you can include musical experiences in your future classroom.
Music can elicit emotions, curiosity, imagination and dramatic play -- all important aspects of early childhood development. Staying fit and developing gross motor skills is the key focus of physical education in a preschool classroom. By taking gym class in high school, you will not only be introduced to the proper way to exercise and stay healthy, but you will also engage in various activities that can easily be adapted for preschoolers.
For example, your future students may not be prepared to execute a slam dunk, but bouncing, kicking and throwing a ball are effective ways to encourage physical play. You will find that having a basic understanding of child psychology will make it easier for you to interact with students when it comes to behavior management and diversifying instruction.
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She has a master's degree in elementary education and early childhood education from Medaille College, as well as a bachelor's degree in music and theater from Buffalo State College.

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