Whether you have a OBDII trouble code, or your Toyota Sienna oxygen sensor (02) is beginning to fail, knowing how to change your Toyota Sienna oxygen sensor can save you a lot of money. When using a scan tool to retrieve your Toyota OBDII codes, codes like P0135 for Oxygen O2 Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction, or something similar may be stored.
Remove these two 10mm bolts and then loosen the worm clamp that leads into the throttle body. Once this intake pipe is out of the way, you’ll have an easier time accessing the front oxygen sensor harness. Apply a thin layer of anti seize to the threads of the primary oxygen sensor, making sure not to make contact with the tip of the sensor. If you want to get information about how to Change Your Name on Facebook Again then yes you are at right place. MAC address is a unique identifier assigned to a network adapter or a network interface card by the manufacturer. You may be in a situation when you may want to change this MAC address to one of your own choosing. This only changes the virtual MAC address of windows, but the physical MAC address remains unchanged. The Toyota part number for this 02 sensor is 89467-41040, and the problem of the Toyota Sienna oxygen sensor failing is common.

Using our handy DIY guide, you can learn how to change your Toyota Sienna oxygen sensor the quick and easy way. In order to reach your oxygen sensor harness and unplug it, it’s best to remove the air induction tube in front of your engine bay. Once you have these bolts and the worm clamp loose, push the entire intake upwards to remove.
This harness and wiring is secured to the top of the upper radiator hose and must be cut away for the oxygen sensor to be removed. Pull the two halves apart and you can now cut the zip ties that hold the 02 sensor wiring to the coolant hose. This is the upstream primary EFI oxygen sensor that your ECU uses to maintain closed loop operation. If these codes come back right away, do they come in even after you have cleared your Sienna DTC and you don’t turn the engine on? Yes this is very interesting and funny topic because if you are facebook users then you must have this information, but any how do not feel worried because we are sharing this method with brief detail.
It is also known as an Ethernet Hardware Address (EHA), hardware address, adapter address, or physical address. Select Manage Network Connections from the links in the right side of the Window and double click the connection whose MAC you want to change (99% chances to be called Local Area Connection).

Using this information sent by the 02 sensor, the Toyota ECU can adjust your fuel injector pulsewidth and deliver more or less fuel as your Sienna needs it. Usually this can be seen through the dashboard as your Toyota Sienna will trigger both the Check Engine Light as well as the VSC light.
You might not have to remove this intake pipe for our how to change your Toyota Sienna oxygen sensor guide, but it definitely helps.
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