I LOVE my Otterbox, if I didn't have mine on I fear that my iphone would have been destroyed long ago!!!! I LOVE my Otterbox, my iphone has hit the floor too many times to remember and I fear without that on it, it would have been destroyed long ago. If you don't want to void the warranty of the phone you can also take it or send your phone to an apple retailer for $99 to fix it. This is a good starter guide however if you want to repair ur phone on ur own be aware that there are a lot of delicate parts inside that can easily be damaged. Just be aware that this would probably void your warranty and you may be able to sweet talk an Apple nerd to fix it for you.  If that fails, at least you know you have an option! I have hardwood floors in my house and my phone constantly goes flying — from my hands, off the bed, out of my pocket, all SMACK right onto the floor, face down. Just a little FYI for all you can get your phones insured thru your home owners policy, we insure 4 phones for under $15.00 a year.
My insurance co-pay is $169.99 and I just could not afford that and my nephew told me to go to ebay and get one. My son has shattered the back of his iPhone4 and I have the bill for another couple years and I refuse to buy a new one for him!

After having dropped my iPhone 4 while in its case and finding out the screen was cracked i was determine to find a fix.
I am ever grateful to the otterbox creators, as my phone has met the ground too many times to count, yet it is still in one unbroken piece!
I got to the step where you unscrew five screws, I got two of them but three would not come out, I tried every which way and tried so hard that they are stripped a little bit, any advice? Although I am kind of in a hiccup, when I got to the step to unscrew five screws, three of them will not unscrew at all!
Before when i had an iPod touch 2nd generation the screen was easily removed by taking out pins on the front of the screen, along with the iPhone 3 and 3gs the screen popped out after removing two screws. It is driving me nut, I tried magnetic screwdrivers but they didn't work as well, unfortunately I tried so many different ways that it stripped some of the screws. BUT, should I ever decide to forego my Defender for something slimmer and smaller and I happen to drop my phone, this will be indispensable!
I have a small set of screwdrivers and thought they were phillip head, but they were flat head. After downloading the font a homescreen icon will be created which can be used to change and add fonts on your iPhone and iPod Touch .

You can also get different colored face plates for a pretty good price, if you're going to void your warranty you may as well do it in style! I see one on ebay now for $12.99 plus tools that I purchased and will wait until it comes in and I will have an extra glass screen in case of future breaks. I saw a 6 minute video on how to replace the front screen and I panicked when I saw how many things that had to be replaced on the inside. An icon will be created which gives access to the latest fonts available on the developer’s website . There is a huge collection of online fonts that can be downloaded through this web app based application .For more jailbreak apps and tweaks check out our iPhone Jailbreak Apps section .

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