Many of you asked how to do this, so I’ve listed with screenshots the easy way to do it, while also keeping your old url active and linked to your new one. First, log into your Twitter account and click on the settings tool, then the settings tab. The benefit of the image appearing behind your avatar is that you can, as with Facebook cover photos and Google + cover images, create a sense of interaction between your avatar and the header image. Have some fun and share you creations and experiences with the new apps and Twitter profile pages in the comments below. First it’s the Facebook “dislike” button; could Twitter be the next social media giant to announce a big change? It’s easy to imagine what a Twitterverse without limits would look like, and we’re not sure we like it. In fact, the onus is on Twitter to allow users to better filter their feeds so it becomes more personal to what they want to learn–be it industry knowledge, the latest news, or funny cat videos.
For you to raise the bar on your marketing tactics, you must well be ahead of the competition in social media marketing.
A video on social media is likely to attract more clicks, likes and views than raw content. To all the artists, designers and creatives who educate, entertain, and help make the world a better place.
We all know that the Google algorithm uses keywords among other factors for content ranking.
With proper application of SEO tactics to your Twitter marketing, you can increase the chances that your brand (Twitter account) shows up in both Twitter searches and Google. This is the epitome of Twitter marketing as the more retweets you get, the more the followers you get, the wider the geographical area that your brand will cover. Revolutionary Stretch Mark and Acne Scar Removal now offered by Fountain Hills Clinic May 31, 2016D. To give you a little background on what happened, I’ll share a bit of our conversation we had last Friday. All of your properties (Facebook, LinkedIn, Blog, etc.), and guest posts are pointing to your old twitter account. The second thing you need to do is schedule several tweets over the next few weeks letting your followers know of your name change. Set up a stream in whatever social media tool you use (I use Hootsuite, it makes it very easy to listen to everything), and track your old Twitter handle. Another important thing you need to do is to change the URL to your new name in all of your properties. Anywhere you would have an account connected, you might have to re-verify your accounts, so the service recognizes the new URL. As you can see, changing the name of your Twitter handle is a lot more complicated than what Twitter makes it out to be.
If you would like to change your Twitter Banner to match your background follow THIS TUTORIAL.
At some point in this, Twitter will ask you to click a confirmation link sent to that second email.
It’s also handy to occasionally log in and check to see if anyone has sent you a tweet or message there still.
Because you didn’t change the login info on the new one, it will be exactly the same as before.

Once you have a chance, find your old Twitter urls on your blog and other social media sites and change them to the new one, but you probably won’t get them all which is why we set up the other account under your old url! Twitter has blessed all of you with a new way to dress up your profile pages: Header Images. No, not your homepage, the page that's called "Me" on Twitter's website and on your favorite mobile app. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
That’s because the current character limit often means users skip the text and instead share pictures and video. Not only can they follow the users they want, but the character limit often forces those users to rely on snippets and links to entice their followers to read more.
You shouldn’t need additional characters if you use them wisely and as a vehicle to show your stuff.
Twitter is one of the most powerful engines for microlearning when used properly, so to lose that tool would be a shame for the eLearning industry. In this article, you will discover 5 sneaky twitter tricks that will help you register an exponential growth in your business. Increasingly, brands are leveraging animated GIFS and short videos to stand out on Twitter. Top brands have utilized videos in all their online marketing and they have fared very well and registered rapid growth. Use of keywords?is thus one of the twitter tricks that can boost your brand in content marketing. The keywords on your website might not translate perfectly well on Twitter, but if you combine them with popular hashtags and topics in your content, you might have a good ranking. While online videos do a great job in telling the story or describing a product, images cut the chase by displaying the message in a clear-cut way. When optimizing your tweets with images, make sure to only use images that are eye-catching and relevant.
IFTTT (If This, Then That) is an app that creates simple connections between other apps like Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, Gmail, as well as devices. You can’t afford to let this happen as tweets with images gets more clicks, more favorites, and more retweets. The reason you want to do this is to re-direct anyone that clicks on your old name to head over to your new account. Both Keri and Kittie told me they thought Twitter re-directed people to your new name automatically. Yes, these are a lot like Facebook and Google + cover photos, and the process for adding them is just as simple. Twitter does not specify a minimum size, but anything smaller than 640 pixels wide will likely look bad. As if to prove their intentions, Twitter also removed the 140-character limit in direct messaging. And, since we know that the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, allowing users to swap out their goat memes for long status messages means putting text before images–when it should be the other way around. No matter if you use Twitter to follow celeb gossip or share tidbits and tips, a concentrated message means better user engagement, which is simply good eLearning. If that character limit is removed, the average user loses control over picking and choosing which links to follow and which to ignore, since hypothetically all content would be displayed on a user’s feed.

The right introduction serves as a method to help learners see what they should choose and where to direct their time and attention. It’s our humble opinion that Twitter shouldn’t change its character limit, but educate users on how to truly make every character count. Through the years, we’ve morphed from a small eLearning development team into a full-service creative eLearning agency .
With over 40% of Twitter users following brands, it has become a fertile ground for marketing opportunities.
Statistical evidence shows that Twitter has grown more aggressive in the last eight months than it has in the last five years and the trend is expected to continue. Video marketing is surprisingly taking content marketing by storm and according to CISCO, 69% of all consumer internet traffic will be accounted for by online video by 2017. For instance, in the 25th anniversary of Photoshop, Adobe tweeted a descriptive short video that showcased its product in the context of photo editing. Luckily, with the use of IFTTT app, you can be able to automatically upload your finely crafted Instagram images to Twitter without fuss.
His posts have featured in some of the high profile websites like the Huffington post and Wondershare. While you still keep your followers with a name change, and  they can still see your tweets from your new account, they are simply conditioned by now to use your old name, especially if you’ve had that account for several years. You won’t be able to contact every single person you’ve ever written for, or people mentioning you in their blog posts, in order to change the URL. Send out one tweet saying that you have changed to another name, and add that in your bio as well. And since Twitter has such a short shelf-life for posts, you’ll need to this often, and for a long time, in order to get most of your followers to use your new Twitter handle. They both mentioned that Twitter should make this process more efficient, and re-direct people to your new name. While we don’t really know what this product would look or feel like, it would turn Twitter into less of a microblogging site and more of a publishing platform, which could be a total mistake.
It’s autonomous learning at its finest; something that could be lost should Twitter decide to allow users to bypass character limits and display all copy on feeds. Today, we’re a 30+ team of intellectually creative individuals who are eager to solve your learning and development challenges. It can drive traffic to your website, build loyal customer base, generate leads and create awareness of your brand. Wax your social media game with these sneaky twitter tricks to make you stand out from the competition.
If you are on Instagram, you may have noticed that Instagram pictures appear as links when posted to Twitter.
Even when you have not tweeted, your followers who like your tweets will always check your blog from time to time to see what’s new. This will make sure that anyone that finds your old Twitter handle will revert to your new name. Being a bit concerned, I followed up with Keri and Kittie on Facebook to find out if their Twitter accounts were suspended, or if they had deliberately closed them.

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