Twitter rolled out on Tuesday a series of design updates aimed to add more personality to member pages. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo first unveiled the updates during morning news program The Today Show — an unlikely stage for a tech company that is continually introducing new features and designs. The benefit of the image appearing behind your avatar is that you can, as with Facebook cover photos and Google + cover images, create a sense of interaction between your avatar and the header image. Have some fun and share you creations and experiences with the new apps and Twitter profile pages in the comments below.
It can be tough to change an unfortunate birth name — let alone get anyone to stop calling you by it — but your Twitter username is not the one bestowed upon you by your parents.
Though often used interchangeably, your Twitter username and real name are not the same thing.
When normal bosses fire their normal underperforming employees, companies usually disable access to building security, to prevent theft, revenge, and other uncomfortable former employer-worker interactions. While this might hurt Davidson's Twitter cred, all the publicity probably doesn't hurt his account, at least in the short term. Wildlife officials have begun confiscating tigers from a popular tourist destination after allegations of animal abuse. The composer and musician, formerly in Battles, explains his immersion in electronic music and how it’s changed the way he thinks about sound. Forces in Iraq and Syria made gains Sunday in their attempts to recapture Islamic-State controlled territory. As many as 700 people may have drowned in three shipwrecks in the last few days off the coast of southern Italy. The new version of the 1977 classic miniseries is the rare work that focuses on slavery from the perspective of the enslaved. The presumptive Republican nominee harshly criticized the judge presiding over a Trump University lawsuit. New albums from Fifth Harmony and Ariana Grande take two different sonic and lyrical approaches to an age-old dichotomy.
A tropical storm warning has been issued for coastal areas of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

Having offered to square off against the Vermont senator, the Republican front-runner thought better of it and backed out.
Next week an auction house in France will sell hundreds of Native American items, some of which are considered sacred.
A security research company has found ties between $81 million stolen from the central bank of Bangladesh, the Sony email hacks, and bank thefts across the world. The non-awaited sequel to Tim Burton’s 2010 fantasy spectacle seems almost aware of its own pointlessness.
The court ruled 4-3 Friday the punishment was cruel and unusual under the state’s constitution. Photos have been brought to the forefront and room has been made for Facebook Timeline-like cover images. Since the announcement was coupled with a short segment about Twitter’s growth and success, it was likely part of an effort to introduce the platform to a greater audience not yet using the site. Twitter has blessed all of you with a new way to dress up your profile pages: Header Images.
No, not your homepage, the page that’s called “Me” on Twitter’s website and on your favorite mobile app. Well sometimes rebranding yourself or adding a level of professionalism isn’t such a bad thing.
Try to keep it simple, short and reflective of you for the sake of your followers — most of us don’t like riddled usernames. Type in your desired username (15 characters or less) in the text field to the right of Username. And honestly, if his other two ghost-tweeters continue full steam ahead, he should be fine. Seven hours after the Davidson account got hacked by his former employee, it looks like his other employee got fed up with the backlash and quit. Today we're proud to provide quality products direct to your doorstep through an experience you'll enjoy.
Yes, these are a lot like Facebook and Google + cover photos, and the process for adding them is just as simple.

Twitter does not specify a minimum size, but anything smaller than 640 pixels wide will likely look bad.
Your real name on the other hand, is the personal one that appears above your username on your profile page or to the left of your username in your Twitter feed. Changing your username will also leave your existing followers, direct messages, and replies completely intact. A message will appear prompting you choose another username if your first choice is unavailable. You can also always refer to the Twitter Help Center for more details regarding your username and the various restrictions surrounding it. He's one of those Twitterati that cultivated a following because he acts as an Internet aggregator, sending out the right combination of links and funny 140 character musings while engaging with his legions. The backside of each wheel features a machined smooth and comfortable finger indentation for grip. It’s part of your online identity and it can often say more in 15-or-less characters than you can in a generous 140. Although not always the case, it can help clarify an ambiguous username that may not directly identify you, your brand or business (i.e. Just make sure to let your followers know so they can interact with your new name instead of scouting for your old one. When finished, click the blue Save changes button at the bottom of the page to save your new username. You wont find a more affordable item that will make your Boat stand out from the rest.See our other listings for more Boat Steering Wheels. Shipping Information:ALASKA, HAWAII, PUERTO RICO, We will only ship these via USPS, so Please make sure your address is a USPS address.

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