He died on Saturday evening at his home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, according to a statement from his family. As the head coach of the Tar Heels from 1961 to 1997, Smith retired as the "winningest coach in college basketball," the university said in a news release on its website. His teams won two national championships, including the 1982 title with a squad led by Jordan, who went on to a Hall of Fame career with the NBA's Chicago Bulls.
Smith was named one of the seven greatest coaches of the 20th century by ESPN's SportsCentury program, the university noted. I currently live in sunny San Diego California and work with people around the country and Internationally on their health and fitness goals. In addition to receiving your free CD download, you’ll get the Success Report newsletter (a $197 value) and as a bonus: FREE Path2Purpose 6-Week Coaching Course (valued at $597)!
As a success and life coach, I see clients take off and astonish themselves once they stop all the excuses.
The no-excuse approach is a commitment to accomplishment, especially in the face of adversity.
If you want to get to a point where your business is working for you and you’re spending less time grinding in the office, you will have to put in the work on the front end to get there.

With a no excuse approach, you don’t let the challenges get you down or shake your faith and determination.
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Muschamp came out of the meeting with one interesting nugget: woodpeckers don't get concussion.
This bone, according a study that was written up in the Toronto Star, acts like a seatbelt to keep the brain in place during impact.
There are other factors that are believed to help the woodpecker avoid brain trauma (the shape of the beak, for example), but Muschamp is actually correct.
Join my Free Beachbody Team, follow me on Facebook, or friend me on Facebook to join my Free Accountability and Support group. They’re just smoke screens for inner self doubt, and it’s causing you to over think and resist doing the work to create the results YOU REALLY WANT. It is when you decide not to let obstacles and opposition get you down or hold you back from achieving your goals.
Be willing to invest your time and money and a tremendous amount of effort with a positive attitude.

As a coach to thousands of people, I’ve learned over the years that many people have the desire to succeed, but lack the necessary information.
It’s when you say, I’m all in and I’m going to make it work, that you experience the turnaround. Write or print the word NO EXCUSES on paper and post it in your home or office as a reminder. To break free from excuses, Take Action Now—the fastest way to silence the “inner excuse maker” is to take fast action. You spend less time captivated and stagnated by fear and more time experiencing freedom to achieve your dreams. They have an extra bone in their neck and they never can have a concussion," he told reporters at a press conference yesterday. When you know you have to answer to others, you are more likely to push for success, rather than accept excuses.

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