I want to make a slideshow for my daughter’s upcoming wedding, any recommendations on a good wedding slideshow software?
Regarding software to make wedding slideshows, DVD Photo Slideshow can be a satisfying choice. Drag photos that you want to use in the wedding slideshow from your computer to Album Photo area, or use the Add button to import photos.
Under the sub-tab Transition & Music, you can select transitions and add background music for the wedding slideshow. Click Choose Menus tab to choose and customize a DVD menu for your wedding slideshow DVD.  Select a menu template from the right templates list.
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Regarding pictures, a wedding slideshow can use pictures of bride and groom growing up, and pictures their life together, pictures of family and close friend. Pay attention to the duration of each slide and whole slideshow.  The time per slide should be less than 5 seconds.
If you have an iPad, you can create a wedding slideshow with iPad slideshow software – Photo Slideshow Director HD.
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Click Organize Photos tab, start making your slideshow with dragging photos(or using Add button) to Album Photo area. Switch to Choose Menus tab, you can choose a menu template and customize it with background music and image. TV System: This tab enables you to choose PAL or NTSC TV system , TV aspect ratio and other settings.
After burning is finished, you can play the DVD slideshow on your computer, TV or DVD player for watching. This entry was posted in DVD Photo Slideshow and tagged burn photos to dvd slideshow on windows 8, make slideshow dvd on windows 8, slideshow dvd maker for windows 8, windows 8 slideshow maker on April 9, 2013 by Sarah Jablich. I embed a video to my website and it works well on PC when browsing with Firefox, IE, Chrome .
Many videos are shown through plug-ins(like flash), however different browsers may have different plug-ins. To embed a video to your website as a HTML5  video format, you need to convert the video to HTML video first. This entry was posted in Tips and tagged convert videos to html5 video formats, create html5 videos for websites, embed html5 video to websites on April 3, 2013 by Sarah Jablich.
This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged best slideshow software for ipad iphone, photo slideshow director hd new version on April 2, 2013 by Sarah Jablich. To use your photos in computer hard drive, Click Upload photos at the left side to locate photos and add them.
This entry was posted in Tips and tagged create slideshows on youtube, create youtube videos free, how to make slideshows for youtube free, make youtube video slideshow online free on April 1, 2013 by Sarah Jablich. After creating a slideshow project,  you can begin to import photos and customize slides with kinds of effects.
Set time for slides and transitions according to your needs by tapping the Setting icon(like gear). Ezvid is an extremely user friendly tool, which can be used to create JPEG slideshows in a couple of minutes. Once the installation is completed, you need to double-click the (Ezvid shortcut icon) located on your desktop. On the taskbar, click Start, point to All Programs, point to ezvid, and then click the icon (the Ezvid application icon) to open the application.
Extend the time frame of the image: Move the mouse pointer over the image in the ezvid time line.
Shuffle the inserted JPEG images: Click your preferred video and then drag it to left or right side for changing the order of appearance.

Include text in your JPEG slideshow: Click the   icon (Add text button), and then type the text in the popped-up field.
Note 1: If the pan and zoom functionality is already active (a tick mark can be seen adjacent to the Pan and Zoom option), click again to remove the tick mark. Include a voice narration: Click the  icon (mic icon) found just under the  icon (Add text button).
In the Title, Category, Description, and Keywords fields, choose or enter the required details.
As soon as you finish Step 1 to Step 5, click the  button (Play button), watch the JPEG slideshow, and make the required corrections (if any) prior to uploading the slideshow to YouTube. For this step, click upload to youtube, and then log on to the YouTube account using your credentials to start the uploading process. Well, I have to admit that other software doesn’t seem to work at what you thought it would do. Another feature with Ezvid is it’s free soundtrack music – with the latest version of Ezvid it will preview each song immediately when you hover over a song.
If you have putted all photos that you want to use in the slideshow in a folder, open the folder in file folder list panel(upper part of the software screen), and click Add All to import all photos in the folder. On wedding reception, it is fun to present a wedding slideshow to guests with pictures of bride  and groom.
With its attractive wedding themes and kinds of slideshow effects, you can make a stunning wedding slideshow DVD.
Even you can set up a  laptop on a side table, start the slideshow on a continuous loop, then people can watch as long as they want. Also it is available to import one or more songs as background music, then sync slideshow to music. You can add title for the menu and set menu navigator.After that, go to the Preview area and click the Play button to preview the DVD slideshow .
We always try to add new features to meet customers’ demands and improve the old features. Added a portrait playing mode, it is suitable for slideshow with portrait photos ( For examples, photos from fashion show). With this feature, you do not need to download any software to make video slideshows for YouTube. Then it will pop up a Select the photos for your slideshow window,showing your pictures in Google Picasa albums. With its 8 – megapixel main camera, you can absolutely record your life with wonderful pictures. If you want to use photos from Picasa, Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, SkyDrive and Instgram, tap the Web Albums and sign in to import photos from them. Tap the Export button and choose YouTube , then you need to sign in your YouTube account, write titles and descriptions, choose resolution(such as 720p ) for the video slideshow. Later, using a single click, you can upload these JPEG slideshows to YouTube so that these JPEG videos are shared to your friends, colleagues, or even to the whole world. When the mouse pointer becomes a (double-sided arrow), click and drag the mouse pointer to right side to stretch the time frame. Whilst it can make slideshow, it is difficult to install and it’s not even compatible to your Windows OS and so you have to convert videos or face lots of bugs or error when uploading videos. To add pictures or video clips, just click on the “add media icon” as seen in the screenshot below.
If you like to add text slides to your video, then simply click on the “T” icon to add text slides.
If you also want to add a commentary to your video, you can do that by clicking on the “record voice” icon as you can see in this image below. Just click on the drop-down menu as seen in the image below and hover over a particular track.
When all set and if you would like to up your finished video to YouTube, just simply click on the “upload to YouTube” button.

Besides, its diverse video output formats make it possible to view your wedding slideshows on kinds of devices, such as iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone, PSP and more. Within a few minutes attention, you will start hearing the buzz of conversation as people’s attention spans wear out. There are kinds of themes for choosing, such as wedding theme, birthday theme, baby theme, Christmas theme, and etc.
Almost all popular browsers supports HTML5, so you do not need to install any plug-ins(such as Flash Player, SilverLight, QuickTime) to play videos in any browsers. In this section, you can set slides duration,slide effect (pan & zoom effect or none) and choose transitions. If you are satisfied with it, click the Upload button to create the slideshow and upload it to YouTube. With so many pictures on your iPhone 5, is there a good way to enjoy and share them?  Of course, iPhone lets you easily share your photos via email. Smaller size, high compression, and fair level of picture quality are the combined features of this format, which made it the most popular and frequently used one among the vast majority of images presently available.
Using Ezvid, the free-to-download video maker, you can also add music to picture slideshow. To get it done, simply play the JPEG picture slideshow, and then include some commentary for your desired images. However, if you are using Ezvid, you will not have problems like these as Ezvid runs in almost all kinds of Windows platform, including Windows XP, Vista and 7 and Ezvid can definitely upload finished videos to YouTube immediately. Be sure you have a microphone on in your computer so when you click this icon, it will start recording your voice.
Once you have chosen the best song that fits to your video, just click that song of your choice. When my elder sister showed me her wedding slideshow, I could really read her happiness from her smiling expression.
Your videos will be displayed well on all popular browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE9, Opera, and etc. Click photos to choose them, then click the Select button at the bottom to import Picasa photos to YouTube.
To delete photos, put the mouse over the photo, the X mark will appear at the upper right of the photo. At the right side, you can choose a track provided by YouTube as the slideshow background .
In the Upload video files window, you can see the uploading process,  also you can type title, description, tags for the slideshow. Apart from this, the JPEG format is also the most commonly used format in cameras, smart phones and other portable devices with camera options.
These songs are copyrighted; so, you don’t have to worry about any copyright laws while uploading your JPEG picture slideshow to YouTube. And notice that while we do the rendering and uploading, we don’t run into some error or technical issues just like other software out there. In this article, I will show you how to turn photo to video slideshow on iPhone 5 for sharing to YouTube.
Ezvid works well on all recent Windows platforms, such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.
If you want to add more photos, click the Add more photos, you will go back to Select the photos fro your slideshow window to import photo again.

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