The brand new Photos app in Windows 10 Mobile not only has integrated OneDrive to display Photo Albums, and pictures, the app also allows you to create your own album. Photo app supports microSD Card and it lists all of them including photos on Phone Storage and OneDrive under collection tabs. To add pictures to the album, first open and then select edit and then you will be able to add more pictures, remove it and even delete the album. Photo Albums in Windows 10 Mobile aren’t physical folders but only visually defined to help you quickly find the pictures. When selecting photos, you will be limited to Collection Tab which lists all the photos from anywhere in the phone.
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If you have taken a picture using the camera or taken a screenshot, you should see Camera Roll and Screenshots folders. So if just came back from the trip, you can create an album using pictures from camera roll.
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Creating an attractive and compelling wedding album is one of the toughest parts of the job. If you have a preconceived notion about your wedding album, you might miss out adding the best photographs. Fans want cool and creative band merchandise, and this book gives you the tools and information you need to create your own.
Author Ruthann Godellei is an artist and printmaking professor at Macalester College in St.

Paul, Minnesota, with vast experience making gig posters as well as teaching band members how to make their own. If you have a theme in mind, make sure that the wedding photographs that you select go with that particular theme.
She explains, with step-by-step instructions and photos, techniques like screenprinting, photocopy art, mixed-media collage, stencil, stamping, and other guerilla art styles. Included as well is a gallery of art and artists to inspire you in creating your band’s look with your merch.

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