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Using GoogleDocs, students create a group bibliography page to practice summarizing and evaluating a source. Using the free digital timeline website, Dipity, students can organize and annotate their sources chronologically.
Students worked together to create a collaborative annotated bibliography on PBWorks that covered a range of literary scholarship relating to the novels and poems on the course syllabus.
How do I get that line that represents a repeating author in a bibliography or works cited page?

The six hyphens here get rendered as two em-dashes, which is OK, but I still feel like there's a better way to do this natively. In [Bringhurst, p 80], Robert Bringhurst recommends that you use a 3em long dash for repeating authors.
Please note that some typefaces may have dashes with fancy endings; they're definitely not rectangularly shaped. The authoryear, authortitle, and verbose style families of the biblatex package feature a dash for repeating authors by default; this may be turned off by using the dashed=false option. This will result in the desired underscored line when there's more than one reference from the same author, according to ABNT norms (Brazilian organisation of standards). Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged bibliographies rules or ask your own question. What scientifically would make it possible that certain large bodies of water be impassable?
First appearance of the "wake up from a coma, discover the world has ended" trope?

For typefaces like this you may have to put in a bit more work to get similar kinds of 3em-dashes. In addition, we encourage you to comment on your experiments with and adaptations of these plans so that others may benefit from your experiences.
I still decide to keep my solution because it explains how to have biblatex insert the symbol.
There is, of course, the possibility to use a bibliography style which does this for (biblatex for example offers this), but since you don't seem to use bibtex et al.

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