From now on, you can scrape almost any website from any publisher to create BibTeX code from the bibliographic data listed on a web page. I am a lazy zotero user – and the one click (well sometimes it does not work) solution + possiblility to automatically add pdfs that come with the article is a killer feature in my opinion. How can I import more than one reference from the same data base, If I have to do same repetitive process for each reference its too difficult. In case A) all i have to do is to merge my bib file with the bib file of my docear project. In case B) the only hope hoy now is using docear importer from Google scholar with the pdf detector of the title docear uses (is does not work for me anymore.
In case C) you can construct a script that connects with Google scholar and download the references in bibtex format. To answer in one sentence: using JabRef and Mendeley we can achieve the easiest and fastest way to create references for your thesis or other reports.
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Since you haven’t entered any data yet, it is empty (only some basic information is pre-entered). That’s why it is not effective solution especially when the people would like to make a review article.
I can produce bibtex, but when I copy from notepad to paste in docear, it doesn’t accept multiple entry. The lack of a one-click option to import references from a publisher’s page or scholar, including the automatic downloading and storing of the PDF, is what is preventing me from trying it out.
It is also a free reference manager having native support to import and determine pdf files (journal papers) and sync them with an online account. Ensure you have latest version of JAVA installed in your computer because JabRef works under JAVA platform. There is no need to worry about formatting when generating References in Microsoft word this way.
For instance, if you visit the detail page of a research article on a publisher’s website, you might wish to directly import the bibliographic data of that article to Docear.

One main benefit is that you can directly copy paste references thus generated into your Microsoft Word documents, without worrying the formatting issues.
JabRef has issues with administrative rights so you may want to install it anywhere other than Program Files, say you install it in your My Documents folder. If you don’t already have an account with Mendeley, create one (you can add me to your Mendeley friend list if you like). Many publishers offer export options for reference managers such as Endnote, RefWorks, or Zotero. In the example below, we highlighted some parts from the original webpage, and their counterparts in the BibTeX code.

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