I'll design the template with a cover, table of contents and chapters already in place and use Heading styles so the table of contents is easy to create. This data includes the book title, a second line of information, the author name and any other information for the cover. Format the title using Title style, the second line using Subheading style and use Emphasis for the Author and other information. If you intend using multiple subtitles within a chapter, copy the subtitle and body text prompts and paste them multiple times into the page.
Create Chapter 3 the same way and then include a note in the eBook template telling a user how to create subsequent chapters for their book. To remove the heading from the first two pages, choose Header and Footer Tools > Design to display this tab. Hugs and Books – Print out coupons that can be redeemed for book purchases and huge bear hugs!
Computer Time – Kids can use this coupon to buy up to fifteen minutes of play time at the computer. Movie Coupons (PDF) – Print out a few movie coupons and let kids use them to plan a family movie night.
Home Coupons – This fun series of coupons enables the user to claim special perks like extra storytime, a later bedtime, skipping chores and more. Activity Coupons (PDF) – Distribute these coupons so that children can later redeem them for outdoor playtime, arts and crafts, or just some snuggles with mom and dad.
Reward Coupons – These special reward coupons allow the user to request ice cream, bring a friend over for dinner, and have extra TV or computer time.

Special Treat Coupons (PDF) – Hand out these fun, colorful coupons to allow kids to have some control over when they claim their special perks. Ultimate Treat Coupons – Kids have to color these coupons before using them to request amazing treats such as breakfast in bed, more video game time, or a fast food dinner. No Homework (PDF) – Kids who have been exceptionally good in class can use this special coupon to be excused from one piece of homework. Good Job Coupon – When a student has done a good job, this coupon can be customized depending on what it is awarded for.
Mixed Student Coupons – Good students can be awarded these fun coupons that entitle them to rewards such as getting a candy treat, enjoying free time, handing in work a little later, and scoring extra computer time.
Student Rewards (PNG) – Deserving students can be rewarded with homework pass coupons, gaining an extra day for assignments, or changing their seats for a day. Favor Coupons – Kids can give their parents a favor coupon so that parents can redeem a little extra help when they need it most.
Coupons for Mom – These special coupons can be used on Mothers Day or any other time of the year! Helping Parents – These coupons can be given to parents so that they can have a break from chores such as feeding the pets, dusting, sweeping, and doing dishes. Blank Coupons (DOC) – Download a series of blank coupons and fill out what they can be exchanged for and by whom. Make a Coupon Book – Browse through a huge selection of fun coupons for kids, then print the ones you like and staple them together to create a coupon book. Easter Coupons – These fun Easter coupons can be cut and placed in plastic eggs for kids to find during the Easter Egg Hunt.

Birthday Coupons – Parents or kids can give each other these great customizable birthday coupons that come with suggestions of what they can be redeemed for. Add a subheading and format it by pressing Control + Shift + S to display the Apply Styles dialog, type Heading 2 and click Apply. Repeat the process of inserting the chapter title, subheading and body text for Chapter 2 and format them using Heading 1, Heading 2 and Normal styles. Move to the top of Chapter 1 and click Same as Previous to remove the link to the earlier header. Unlike many methods of traditional discipline, they use positive reinforcement to cultivate good habits and behaviors. When mom redeems them, the kids have to help her out with simple chores, or provide a breakfast in bed treat.
Reward coupons can be used in many different types of situations, including chores, treats at home or school, for leisure, or as gift tokens. Ideally, children should have to do something good to receive a coupon, which they can then redeem later for a treat.
This system teaches children that they have control of the privileges they receive and encourages them to work harder towards that.

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