Sometimes even if we give feedback, we deliver it in such a “sugar-coated way” that the coachee misses it altogether. 1) Clarity – Before you have the conversation get clear and specific on what you want to communicate. 2) Compassion – We often tie ourselves up in knots because we make giving the feedback about us rather than a behavior change that will serve the coachee.
Compassion for the coachee helps us put ourselves in their shoes and have a more emotionally intelligent conversation.
If giving the feedback is still a bit uncomfortable for you, experiment with being vulnerable and simply stating “I wish I was more practiced at giving feedback” creates an environment of greater trust and authenticity for the conversation. 3) Curiosity – Coaching conversations are more about listening and asking good questions than talking. 4) Confirmation – Feedback conversations are difficult because our own emotions are often caught up in them (both on the side of the coach and the coachee). 5) Commitment – The end result of any great coaching conversation is a clear commitment to results and a strengthened trust in the relationship. One last coaching question to ask if you’re looking to grow in your own ability to coach is to ask your coachee “How was this coaching conversation for you? This article was written by Henna Inam, executive coach, speaker, and author of the book Wired for Authenticity. She works with women to help them realize their potential to be authentic, transformational leaders. My name is Gaurav and i work as an AM Training with an MNC corporation , Just wanted to say that these topics that you have written on are just amazing and i normally keep checking all that you write on.
Discover the secrets of developing your life goals that are beneficial for your dunya as well as your akhira inshaAllah! Want to Learn More Practical Tips Designed according to Quran & Sunnah to Boost Your Productivity? Upgrade your knowledge and skills to lead a truly productive Muslim life in today’s modern age with advanced productivity training and tools designed in accordance to the Quran & Sunnah. United under this mission to serve the ummah, our global team is dedicated to deliver productivity resources and advanced productivity training aligned with Islamic ethics and values.
Join us on this productive movement and let us all work together towards a Productive Ummah. Coaches generally work with clients within a proprietary 3 month coaching structure, for one hour per week in person, on the telephone or via email. With an objective to generate a brighter future for the nursing and midwifery profession, the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (SA Branch) strives to educate, inform and bring about positive changes in the communities it serves.

Recognised for advancing the health and interests of health and aged care workers and enrolled nurses, the organisation provides numerous ways to cater to the needs of its members. With today’s advanced mobile technology, we now provide practical, engaging and interactive nursing modules which amplify convenience within a nurse’s daily routine in various practices from the convenience of home or work or from a handheld mobile device. Life Purpose Planning helps you to dig deeper into yourself, create more focus,  self-awareness, and develop life plans that will help you succeed.
Work-life Balance, Stress Management, Mind-Set Development, Accountability Partnership  and Team Cohesiveness. Small businesses select group-coaching sessions to enhance employee growth and development. A direct report of yours just gave a presentation to senior management.  The presentation went okay but frankly could have gone a lot better. A Corporate Executive Board survey suggests that firms whose culture encourages open communication outperform peers by more than 270% in terms of long-term (10 year) total shareholder return. And specificity is hard when we’re giving feedback on “softer” behaviors like a person’s self-confidence or the way they dress. When we come from a place of curiosity rather than judgment or attachment to our own point of view, new insights can appear and solutions can be co-created that will help us capture stronger commitment (see below). When emotions get involved it’s hard to really listen clearly (more on this in the blog post “Listen to how you Listen”. Am I reading that correctly?” Acknowledging emotion is a great way to have a more authentic conversation. He is an international speaker, author, and coach dedicated to boosting productivity in the Ummah. Inspired by the timeless guidance of Quranic teachings and Prophetic practice and synthesised with the best of contemporary thinking around productivty, we aim to ignite the productive potential of this ummah.
InshaAllah, we sincerely pray our efforts will help our fellow Muslims reach their full productive potential, so that they can contribute faithfully to their family, society and service to Allah. Considering just about everyone can benefit from having their own coach, the number of new coaches needed over the next few years will greatly multiply. The Life Coach assists people determine a true vision of their goals and then help them develop a suitable strategy to get closer to reaching those goals. Given the advances in e-learning, you can expect quality nursing resources presented in a highly interactive approach - promising a fun and engaging method of learning through a series of modules, quizzes and assignments. This will help build your personal career and professional development as a health care provider and practitioner - preparing you to become an Advanced Diploma Enrolled Nurse.

Coaching works best for people that desire to take life a little bit further, develop higher performance, and achieve goals with directed outcomes. The direct report knew her material but didn’t demonstrate self-confidence in her body language, didn’t dress appropriately, and didn’t think fast on her feet in addressing some of the questions. Start with acknowledging what’s working well as it creates a positive environment where the employee can be more open to listening. Her corporate clients include Coca Cola, Novartis, J&J, and others who know female leadership talent is good for business. Federal estimates say that the number of coaches in part-time and full-time practice worldwide has now reach 6-figures, with an average annual income ranging from $35,000 to $100,000 and up. Coaches are trained to listen, to observe and to customize their approach to individual client needs. Or, we race through feedback like we’re going for a root canal, wanting to get it over with as quickly as possible, without any consideration for the pain or numbness of the person on the receiving end. On the other hand, you can be more specific by saying “your posture and the intonation of your sentences reflected that you didn’t have complete confidence in your own expertise”. Ideally, the talking happens in the form of questions that help the coachee discover the answers within themselves. They seek to elicit solutions and strategies from the client; they believe the client is naturally creative and resourceful.
You secretly wonder if she’s losing confidence in your judgment to have the direct report present in the first place. Your financial success depends on your ability to take consistent action and your willingness to promote yourself. The coach’s job is to provide support to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity that the client already has.
Feedback, particularly developmental feedback, is often hard to give, so most of us avoid giving it.

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