Justin Fankhauser started his locksmithing business with $5000 and a station-wagon – and with no understanding on how to run a business. Shut up, get up and give it a go is a powerful insight into how Justin overcame the odds stacked against him, as he trained himself into getting up and making the change he needed to live a successful life. If you’re ready to make real change in your life or business then this is the book for you.
On Kabo TV I’m going to share with you my insights and experience of running a successful 7 figure turnover business in a highly competitive market. Facebook just bought Instagram for $1 billiona€”but did you know that the photo sharing site can make you money, as well?
A 2-month-old start up is finding a way to transform your Instagram addiction into a lucrative endeavor.

While it's too soon to tell how much advertisers would pay for exposurea€”the company isn't even two weeks old, after alla€”Sylvain told BI that he was expecting that Instagram users could make anywhere from $50 to $500 for incorporating certain photos into their streams (and maybe $2,000 for attending an event). Or a company could pay multiple users a smaller fee to post the same picture on their stream throughout a day to create buzz around a new product. While this will mostly be beneficial to Instagram users who have a large combined reacha€”1,000 followers or morea€”the little guys shouldn't feel discouraged.
We understand that you are in good hands now, so we have confidence in your speedy recovery.
In ten years TopLock Locksmiths became a seven-figure business and Justin, author of the bestselling Confessions of a Locksmith, is an industry leader.
It was written for the readers as a reminder that change is possible when the odds are against you.

If Instagrid Networks takes off, it could indicate that there is underlying advertiser interest in Instagram, which would be of obvious interest to Facebook.
DiFeo has 63,700 people following his Instagram stream and Puma was willing to go to extreme lengths to get exposure and, well, seem cool. It’s no-nonsense, no-holds-barred advice on how to start strong in your own business and gives you the answers you need to have a kick-ass life and business. It’s advice that can inspire anyone: school leavers, parents and anyone wanting to start a business.

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