The NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service (MHCS) is working with the NSW Health Department in the dissemination of information of a new service to five culturally and linguistically diverse communities in NSW.
The targeted communities are the Filipino, Sri Lankan and Indian who have high levels of the English language and the Service is titled a€?The Get Healthy Information and Coaching Servicea€™. The Service provides information and ongoing coaching support, individually tailored to the participanta€™s needs.
To be eligible for the Service, the participant must be over the age of 18 years and be a resident of New South Wales. The project includes a free telephone coaching service on 1300 806 258 that will provide advice regarding personal fitness and nutrition and referral to other vital health services such as the Quitline service.NSW Healtha€™s ultimate goal is to help people avoid preventable illnesses such heart disease and some cancers. MHCSa€™ staff is engaged in the dissemination of this information to the targeted communities through festivals and presentations to groups. Calling the NSW Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service on 1300 806 258 is the first step to a better and healthier lifestyle.
What you eat and drink, what you do, how much rest you get and how you deal with life and stress can make or break your health. Learning as much as possible about all kinds of things, eating healthier foods, moving your body on a regular basis, reducing stress and paying attention to your feelings and actions are just a few of the ways you can protect your health over the long run, but how? All CRL services are culturally relevant and tailored to fit the needs and learning styles of Native American people.
Native American fitness and health is our business.A  We know that the choices we make every day affect our health and we help you learn how to make better choices that protect and improve your health. Aquello que no nos han explicado en la escuela y vemos esencial para poder tener unas buenas relaciones y calidad de vida, ahora lo puedes obtener.
Una sesion grupal de coaching con perspectiva sistemica para personas que esten interesadas en crear su vida y un mundo mejor.
Un placer, Maria Jose!Siempre disfrutamos de tu presencia y aportaciones sabias y joviales.Muchas gracias! Hola Mari Carmen participare en Coaching ya que es una clase en la que aprendo a gestionar mi situacion de manera dinamica.Gracias!!! From Hong Kong to Buenos Aires, professionals in health care and mental health are being trained in a time-tested approach for engaging patients and facilitating behavior change.

Today most health care practitioners in population health (wellness, disease management and case management) have had some exposure to MI—either through an article in a professional journal, book, DVD or a training workshop.
Another barrier is that practitioners frequently confuse knowing about MI and MI lingo and being proficient in MI. At a time when chronic conditions account for 75% of health care costs and patients with chronic conditions are the most frequent consumers in health care settings from primary care to hospitals, it is essential that population health specialists, as well as direct care providers update their skill-set to include motivational interviewing. Those who empower and motivate us to take charge of our health become our stepping stones to change. Prescriptive, one-on-one coaching sessions helps members understand their health status and set goals for improvement. Cerner health coaches are specifically trained to determine an individual’s readiness to change, identify motivations, evaluate barriers, and set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused and time-bound (SMART). Participants will receive up to 10 telephone based coaching calls over six month period and will be supported through printed materials, emails and access to a secure website where they can keep track of their goals and monitor their progress. This program has the potential to extend lives and reduce illness in the community.Phone counselling by health care professionals is an innovative and effective means of encouraging the community to improve their health and well-being. How do you know if health information sources are reliable, what foods to eat or how to exercise safely and effectively?
Our trainers have lived both on and off the rez and understand the challenges you face every day. While highly effective, this approach referred to as motivational interviewing or MI, is deceptively simple, yet requires a complex skill set. Unlike patient education and advice-centered approaches, it is both patient-centered and effective. While there is no other approach to health behavior change that approaches the efficacy of MI, we do know that MI requires a complex skill-set. In the MI community, this is often described as the difference between taking a music appreciation class versus being a pianist. Assessment of an audio sample of the Learner’s Health Coaching work with feedback and coaching provided by an expert in MI (MI experts advise again assessing role plays).
Not only will this support better patient-level outcomes at a time with chronic conditions are the main threats to public health, it will make the job of health care provider more rewarding and enjoyable.

But to truly change, we need someone who understands our risks, needs and ultimate goals, and provides a path to get us there. Whether an individual is low, moderate, or high risk, qualified coaches deliver the right amount of personal attention to each member to reverse unhealthy habits and lead happy, healthy lives. Our health coaches use the integrated coaching module in the Health Portal to foster continued engagement in a personal and relevant way. The Service will help maintain motivation, identify problem areas and create solutions for successful lifestyle change. While often described as a new trend or technique by those outside of the field of health or medical psychology, it has been the focus of 300+ rigorous research trials since first described over 25 years ago. In contrast to popular life coaching approaches (that often touch on MI techniques or terms), it is well-suited patients of nonwestern descent and is most effective with the patients who are least motivated to change. While only a fraction of health care professionals are proficient in MI, many studies show MI proficiency is required to achieve better patient outcomes. In MI the righting reflex which is virtually instinctive to health care providers must be suppressed as it is at odds with the very foundation of MI—patient centeredness. It is the ideal complement to evidence based medical treatments which patients often don’t adhere to or self-care or lifestyle regimes where follow-through is traditionally poor.
Bill Miller has written frequently about his trainees completing his two or three day workshop, yet not at the end having the level of proficiency in MI to affect patient-level outcomes.
Finally, like many interventions that have been verified in rigorous randomized, controlled trials, it has been applied widely across the care continuum with many patient populations by many types of practitioners. At a time when roughly 85% of avoidable health care costs are due to behaviors, it may be one of our most promising tools.

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