As we approach the end of summer, many Americans are thinking about creating their fantasy football leagues. When it comes to picking a defense, choose a defense that forces turnovers, gets after the quarterback, and does not allow the opposing team to score very often. Overall, the Houston Texans have the foundations for a successful playoff team that will contribute immensely to a fantasy football team. Americans play a majority of these leagues for fun, but for some others, there can be a lot of money and pride on the line. This money and pride are why it is important to conduct extensive research on the players they select for their team.
The majority of your team’s points will come from these positions because they will be the players contributing to touchdowns. Unfortunately, for the Houston Texans, they have an unpredictable quarterback situation with Brian Hoyer (149 points last year), Ryan Mallet (19 points), and Tom Savage (1 point).

If Jadeveon Clowney plays meaningful snaps this year, along with new defensive tackle Vince Wilfork, then Houston has the opportunity to lead the NFL in sacks. Texans’ fans, should select running back Arian Foster (223 points) as early as possible.
Also, former All-Pro linebacker Brian Cushing is attempting to recover completely from his offseason surgery.
If he plays with the same skill as he did last season he could lead a fantasy team to victory. If he recovers in time, he will contribute to a defense that is already extremely difficult to beat. For the other skilled positions, the Texans have a highly rated receiver in DeAndre Hopkins (146 points), as well as Cecil Shorts (58 points), who they signed from the Jacksonville Jaguars in the offseason. On the back end, they resigned Jonathan Joseph and drafted Kareem Jackson in the first round of the 2015 NFL draft.

Garrett Graham (23 points), an unknown tight end who could produce a surprise if given an opportunity by the coaching staff.
These two players will ensure opposing offenses struggle to score throughout the entire season. If the offense finds stability with a quarterback, look for him to increase that total this year.

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