If you are receiving external pressure to expand your project, resist it with all your might.
By doing that, you will most certainly Improve your Leadership Skills and become a person that any team would be glad to call their leader. While many employers will provide you with opportunities, your career development path is something you need to take into your own hands.
It’s up to you to decide how far up the corporate ladder you’d like to climb; then take the necessary steps to get there. The role of sales now requires that the salesperson be a strategic orchestrator, leading cross-functional teams made up of members of their own company, as well as the client’s company.
Much of the skills required of the strategic orchestrator are found in storytelling, negotiation and change management.
For my money, I like to read books by actual practitioners, leaders who were faced with challenges that seemed insurmountable, like Shackleton, Washington, and Patton. Learning to own the outcome means first accepting the responsibility for helping them to achieve the outcome.
You create followers, and you create the ability to generate outcomes through the effort of others by taking responsibility and owning the outcome. Join the Newsletter Join over 80,000 people who read Anthony's Sunday newsletter each week. Volunteering can make you more employable, enhance your potential as a manager and give you an insight into a culture that a mere tourist wouldn’t get.
Here’s a list of some superb international volunteer programs and what you can learn from each.
What they do: Provide leadership development for 400 orphans at two academies a few miles north of the capital of Colombo. What they do: Working closely in the Delhi slums, their mandate is to provide healthcare, financial services and education to help the people make long-term positive changes.
What they do: Facilitate community based care for orphans and other vulnerable children in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands outside of Durban by providing assistance with access to counseling, early learning centers, community based kitchens and gardens or social grants from the government. What you might do: Gardening, visit homes and villages, offer early child care, help with government documentation.
Cultural tip: If you are invited to someone’s home, bring flowers, chocolates, or a bottle of South African wine for your hosts.
What they do: Increase awareness of the plight of endangered elephants, and educate the locals on how to properly care for and offer sanctuary to abused and neglected elephants. What you might do: Build new fences, clean elephant areas, construct mud bricks, help prepare meals in the elephant kitchen or cut grass to ensure the elephants have enough food. What they do: Located in San Pedro Sula, Confradia seeks out disadvantaged children in the area and provides them with a quality bilingual education.
Cultural tip: Men can be forward, so if you’re a woman state your intentions clearly so that there are no mixed signals. What you might be do: Teach arts and crafts, play games, dispense hygienic products, serve meals or just make a kid smile. What they do:  Help orphans, street children and disabled persons through various programs in rural areas of Nepal.
What you might do: Visit remote village schools, assist with programs for the disabled, help with seminars to empower Nepalese women.

What they do: Offer micro-finance loans to the poor, as well as implement health and nutrition, education, and sanitation programs. What you might do:  Help write reports, assist with impact studies, develop website or marketing materials, spend time in rural communities.
Cultural tip: Personal space is less of an issue in Bangladesh than other cultures, Bengalis stand close when speaking to someone of the same gender and touch is common. What you might do: Coach, teach soccer drills, play pick-up games, organize mini-tournaments.
What they do: Study Portuguese at reasonable prices and your tuition directly supports the Casa Do Caminho Orphanage in Xerem. What you might do: Teach English courses (they have those too), marketing, IT, administration. Have you ever volunteered overseas?  What leadership skills did you learn and how did these skills impact your career? Main image: Build leadership and cultural sensitivity skills by volunteering overseas by Hosteling International Bolivia. While someone can start out with the capability for great leadership, they will not achieve greatness without the skill set and willingness to move forward. Use this as part of your educational component, and start to grow your leadership abilities.
Even though something has always worked well in the past, that doesn't mean there isn't a better way to get the job done. If you are trying to grow into your leadership role, the advice presented in this article will undoubtedly help.
It’s difficult but knowing how to delegate will not only empower your staff but free up your time to do more to become a better leader. There are as many definitions as there are leaders, and an equal number of ideas about the skills and attributes leadership requires. We recognize this fact, but there are few (read: none) sales organizations that focus even the smallest portion of the training and development resources towards leadership. I make no recommendation as to what books you should read because you will very easily find something that appeals to you, and the more engaged you are with the reading, the more you will gain from it.
I find it easy to distill their stories into lists of ideas and attributes (but then, I am a list-maker). Make notes about the skills and attributes of leadership and collect stories of where you have seen these come into play in your business. If your client does not achieve the outcome you sold, they are holding you accountable for their failure. It also means understanding that you will have to lead others even when you have no authority, other than the authority that accompanies owning the responsibility for the outcome. They have the ability to generate results through the efforts of others on their teams, as well as their client’s teams.
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It is because many of these countries need someone to educate them in science, health, politics, etc.

Inspire them to engage their passions, strengths, skills, and creativity in the tasks at hand. If you rush your team, you may find that there are more mistakes, unhappy team members, and a very stressful environment.
If you have control over the project, resist the temptation to add more project objectives as time goes on. Perhaps you need to up-skill on specific software or improve your conflict resolution skills. If you don’t like to read biographies, or if you don’t like distilling the lessons yourself, choose a book that has a number in the title. Especially write down the failures of leadership and what leadership skills and attributes might have prevented those failures.
Yes, even if it is a complex problem that caused the failure and, yes, even if it is their fault.
In this way, one can also improve his communication skills and become a better communicator. A good idea is to speak to your manager to find out how they got to where they are and what they think you could study to improve. You’d be surprised at the advice and feedback you’ll get from those that have already walked the path you want to take.
A book with a number in the title means someone else captured the stories and distilled the lessons into a list for you. This exercise alone will ingrain these lessons into your DNA, and you will find yourself thinking of your own leadership problems in the framework you develop. In most cases, you will find no one fighting to take your place as the person responsible for the outcome, and even fewer who volunteer to take on the biggest problems.
There is very little that you can do to create lifelong relationships in sales that tops being by your client’s side when they are dealing with their most difficult challenge. Treating your co-worker's as you would want to be treated will go a long way in developing a cooperative team. It is instead about finding the obstacles to achieving your goal or vision and then rallying the resources to overcome those obstacles. Are you looking to build more profitable relationships and increase market share?A sharper sales edge can make the difference every time. LMA’s sales training courses turn your good salespeople into outstanding salespeople as they learn new strategies, develop their selling skills and master the entire sales process.Leadership Management Australia (LMA) delivers measurable results – based on proven theory.
So our training courses will markedly boost your bottom line alongside the sales skills, performance and confidence of your sales teams.If you need to improve your own sales skills or the sales skills of the people you lead, then LMA has a sales training course to suit your needs – including industry qualifications like the Certificate IV in Business Sales.
To discuss which sales training course is most appropriate to your current needs, please contact LMA. The Sales Edge develops good salespeople into sales champions by developing their performance, sales skills, attitude and their edge to achieve even greater results.
The Performance EdgeLMA’s proven performance improvement course, The Performance Edge improves sales teams by improving their productivity, time management, communication and delegation skills.

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