Most of us have sat through an assembly of this type and I know most of us if we were honest think about the nineteen other more useful things we could do with our time.
As I sat there that morning, I noticed something fascinating and realized that it has happened at every elementary school awards assembly I have been to (I have four children so I have been to a bunch of these). As I observed, I realized that each of these kids are inadvertently teaching us something about the nature of values-based leadership. The kids today worked for nearly 10 months and after proving themselves competent and capable they received the honor.
What does this mean to those of us who are pursuing positions of leadership and influence?How does this challenge our approach and priorities?How does this change the way we recognize the types of top performers we are looking to add to our teams? Are you plastering your face all over the place looking to earn recognition and reward or are you working hard at your craft, applying yourself to continued growth and development and then allowing that effort to lead others to recognize your real accomplishments and contributions? Values-based leaders add value first and over time trust that others will benefit from their consistent contributions and give recognition.
I believe that even in the face of our daily struggles and the obstacles placed before us we can live more fully and more alive.
The problem each of us face every day is that the struggles, pressures and obstacles begin to push our values down and out of our minds, hearts, and spirits.
In my years of experience as a Consultant and Executive Coach, I have seen amazing things occur in the lives of people who take that necessary and courageous step and begin to clarify their core values. The discipline and behaviors for single executive leadership are different than the discipline and behaviors required of an executive leadership team. From thinking as individual managers to thinking as a leadership team focused on improved organizational performance. Senior executives are most often expected to align the actions of large numbers of people — not to work within the confines of small teams. The first key to an effective leadership team is the leader’s willingness to balance the discipline of team performance with the discipline of single leader behavior, not in replacing one with the other. The second key to enhanced executive team performance is the identification of the most important team opportunities for improved organizational performance.
Executive teams work well as a team when they work on collective or joint work products that have clear performance value.
By identifying the most important tasks that must be worked on as a team you create the necessary stimulus to bring forth the creativity of team members increasing performance throughout your organization. Effective management is your ability to handle or direct people skillfully and to succeed in accomplishing goals. When managers are intimately familiar with the organization’s priorities, they can more easily inspire others to buy in, share in, and take part in the organization’s mission and goals.
Managers have a variety of roles, including leader, coach, counselor, listener, motivator, organizer, and initiator. To learn more about Cultiver Group consulting, coaching and training services including our Managing People training program based on our book Managing People call us at 760-730-3411. We partner with executive teams inspiring and developing your staff in the areas of executive leadership development, management excellence, strategic planning, organizational alignment, and business goal execution. How can we help you solve your most difficult problems, engage and retain the best talent, and deliver results that exceed everyone’s expectations?
We believe that the answers lie in the training and development of your people who are in positions of leadership and management.

Through providing your leaders and managers the opportunity for personal and professional learning, growth, and development which is fully aligned with your business goals you fulfill your mission, execute to your goals, and produce a culture that is world class and won’t be beat. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. PPT presentation to assist a consultant working with a leadership group to increase customer focus. Developed by Dave B. Have you been worried for so long because when you have tasks that need to finish as soon as possible, you always end up failing? Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. In 2008, Partners began the process of creating a framework and rubric that would help us to synthesize and more clearly communicate our knowledge of best practices for transforming schools. Being a partner school felt overwhelming in the beginning because I misunderstood the purpose of the support.
Parents filed in and grabbed the best seats in the house with excited anticipation of snapping the photo of their child being awarded for perfect attendance or some other exceptional achievement. As the children are called up, they are handed their certificate, they turn toward the audience so their beaming parents and grandparents can snap a photo and here it is… all of them hold the certificate up high enough to cover half of their face. So often in our culture the “leader” is told to be the face or brand and they either seek to or feel obligated to plaster their face everywhere. Then on the day of being honored, even in their biggest moment, they are more impressed and excited about the recognition they received from their teacher than their own image, so they cover their face and present to you their real accomplishment. I believe that we have the opportunity to stand in the face of it all and shout back, “I will not live a smaller life than I was created to live!” I also believe that living this type of life begins with each of us digging down deep and unearthing our core values.
But there is good news, although they are pushed aside and silenced by the pressures we face they still dwell within us like a volcano ready to activate and erupt.
There are four significant things that will emerge in the lives of those who discover, clarify, and lead while guided by their core values. The members of a successful executive team differentiate between team and non-team opportunities and shift to the discipline and behaviors required for different situations. The pressures of other priorities, the strong desire to preserve the individual accountability of their specialty disciplines, if not ego, make it difficult to form true teams at the top. The best way to achieve team alignment is to have the group work on a task together, the harder or more important the task, the better. The path to building mutual accountability is through the design and implementation of these collective work products.
The best plans are developed and enacted based on an individual manager’s strengths, experiences, and resources. The circumstances, complexity, and demands of a project can be overwhelming, but by simplifying a project into manageable tasks, you can reduce the number of variables and organize a plan more easily. At all times good managers must have the leadership skills to motivate team members and partner with them for success. Teams inspired by leaders who are able to motivate them to new levels of performance no matter how daunting the challenge?
The rate of change is too great, the economic realities are too volatile, and the knowledge worker is too transient to rely on outdated training and organizational development practices. If you are successful in doing so, they will willingly work for you and will result in boosting self confidence.

Have you been having issues when it comes to managing your own life that's why you'd like to learn how to improve your management skills? We based our framework on a careful analysis of our most successful schools, making sure to ground and frame our experiential knowledge in the most up to date research on effective teaching and leadership practices.
In fact, many believe that by plastering their image they become more credible and honored.
And while a volcano destroys our values enliven us to live above the challenges and beyond our perceived limitations.
How would it feel to live with greater motivation, a greater ability to make the right decisions, to know you are growing and to experience extraordinary results? Yet it is necessary for senior leaders to know when the disciplined set of behaviors required for team performance should take priority over the equally disciplined but very different behaviors required for individual leadership performance. At Cultiver Group we train managers to closely examine the necessities and qualities of leadership and directly apply them to management practices. Good managers must be able to adjust quickly to keep the plans directed toward executing the intended objectives.
Once a plan is organized properly, it is much easier to execute and manage throughout its life cycle.
As with leadership, you develop management skills every day by building on the skills you have already learned and applying them to new circumstances. If those stories make your heart race with excitement and motivate you to lead the charge than your our type of leader. Innovative thinking and approaches are needed to meet the demands of reality and the pace of change.
It also prepares you for any uncertain events that might occur and this improves the leadership skills in you. The resulting products of this work are our School Transformation Framework and Rubric, tools that specify research-based best practices in instruction, teacher professional learning, and leadership. They present their face (aka: image) prior to earning the credibility and recognition for their hard work, determined effort, or special capabilities.
Because real team behaviors in the right situations can improve overall performance, it is critical to understand the difference between situations that require team vs. They pursue the recognition prior to the earned reward thinking that somehow if they get enough “views” the reward follows.
Could clarity of values see you through those struggles and take you beyond your perceived limitations?
If you don’t have something to anchor your life (core values) and hold onto than everything is up for grabs and people loose their way. It is a tragedy because many people have given up on the possibility, they have concluded that it is unrealistic and out of reach.
Don’t we all at times begin believing the voice within us and the voices around us that shout “it looks great on the big screen but it won’t happen in my world?” Everyday people are giving up on living a value-driven life characterized by trust, meaning, truth, purpose, significance and vision.

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