However, contrary to what people might tell you, you dona€™t have to pit yourself against the clock, you just have to use a€?timea€™ efficiently. According to Ernst and Younga€™s Australian Productivity Pulse survey, a third of Australian workers waste almost a quarter of the time they spend at work, where the lack of productivity costs businesses more than $41 billion each year in wages alone.
Enhance your organisationa€™s time management abilities by shifting the focus from working faster to working smarter.
Use a time-tracking app to close the gap between how long it actually takes you to accomplish tasks, and how long it a€?shoulda€™ be taking you.
For example, Grammarly employees use Toggl to track work tasks versus personal tasks, specific projects, and any level of granularity in between. While not all interruptions are pertinent, tasks requiring urgent action rarely pop up when ita€™s convenient. Assigning priority levels is next to impossible if youa€™re not aware of the priority on your current to-do list.
Remember the Milk is a task management tool that can help you organise, prioritise, and quickly complete tasks. Research suggests breaks a€?actually save time and effort in the long runa€™, as fatigue can cripple creativity, problem solving and ultimately productivity. Avoid the common trap of devouring lunch at your desk, or eating on the fly and use a calendaring tool like Google Calendars or Microsoft Outlook to schedule a break. And because we cannot actually control time, the phrase “time management” can be a bit inaccurate as well. But whatever you want to call it, being able to better take control of how you spend your time is a very useful skill to have.
A training and development company recently partnered with us on the Cardboard Boat Building Challenge as a fun way to test their employees' time management skills. A charitable organization wanted a fun and fast way to build up their teamwork, and challenge their prioritization skills. The activities helped break the ice between employees and encouraged us to step out of our comfort zone as we learned the importance of team work and dependability. During the slow season, procrastination can kick in for employees and be a hard habit to break.
The easy set up and execution of the Going Live activity was great, and so was the team interaction.
We provide a range of exciting group events, team building activities, dynamic corporate training and education programs. We loved that we were able to tailor the event to suit our team, our timing, our location, and our budget. Beginning in the first quarter of 2010, MOT will integrate and distribute the QuickMAR e-charting software with its electronic medication management systems.
Medicine-On-Time will integrate and distribute the QuickMAR e-charting software with its electronic medication management systems. Pharmacies serving assisted living and long-term care facilities will be able to more easily and accurately manage patient medications, with today’s announcement of a joint distribution agreement between Medicine-On-Time (MOT,) an industry leader in medication management systems, and Med Management Technology (MMT,) makers of the electronic medication administration record system QuickMAR.

The MOT system includes software to manage critical patient and drug information, as well as a system for packaging the medicines.
With the addition of the QuickMAR software to MOT’s offering, healthcare staff will be able to track the administration of medication dosages electronically as they make their rounds, resulting in reduced paperwork and more accurate record keeping.
Pharmacy customers of MOT will be able to access QuickMAR through the bundled interface and enjoy substantial savings on activation and subscription fees when they sign up their institutional customers for the new service.
Medicine-On-Time, headquartered in Hunt Valley, Md., provides an innovative personal prescription system designed to simplify the management of complex drug therapies for patients and caregivers alike.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. You must push yourself to the brink of exhaustion and sacrifice your personal life to keep up with it. Rather than blocking out all distractions, acknowledge and prioritise jobs and tasks as they appear.
However, whipping haphazardly through tasks can increase the likelihood of errors and result in an even bigger workload at a later date.
Working fast is good, working efficiently, is bettera€? a€“ Managing Director of R & G Technologies, Gordon Tan. A free or commercial web-based time-tracking app like Toggl, gives you the ability to accurately track time, check records and generate data, off any device, from any location.
Use them to accurately identify where you can afford to speed up, and youa€™ll ensure an immediate, positive impact on your organisation. Effectively prioritise these distractions as they appear, and you wona€™t have to worry about unchecked incidents escalating into problems later on. Instead of having your to-dos stored over multiple storage media, consolidate and organise them in a task-management application. Since this isna€™t an option, use a task-management application to classify when you should ignore distractions, and when to embrace them head on. However, scheduled breaks recharge your depleted energy stores, giving you greater capacity to get things done.
Yet a survey by workplace consulting group, Right Management, found only one in five office workers take a lunch break away from their desk.
Dona€™t worry about wasting time, simply sync these tools with your mobile devices, so no matter where you are and what youa€™re using, youa€™ll know when ita€™s time to start, and when ita€™s time to finish.
The brief rest will increase your performance, so you can spend less time a€?managing timea€™ and more time spending it productively. Leverage technologies like time-tracking apps to identify where you a€?shoulda€™ speed up, and task-management apps to help prioritise distractions. All we really have control over is ourselves, and what we do with our time… that’s not really time management, that’s self-management. An interactive time management activity can help your team learn how to stay focused, become more efficient, and cut down on their procrastination habits.
In the activity, teams were tasked with building boats out of nothing but cardboard and tape, while also completing a series of teamwork challenges.

The event organizers only had a few weeks to plan their activity, so the smartphone activity Team Pursuit was a perfect fit. One financial company recently energized their team with Going Live, a fun news-themed activity that comes with a ticking clock. It brought excitement when people were organized into teams, and it was fun to compete with each other as well.
A predetermined supply of medicine is provided in a tray of blister packs, with each compartment containing all the pills a patient needs at a particular time of day. Most important, staff can spend less time administering medication and more time caring for patients.
Medicine-On-Time helps to ensure the right pills reach the right patient at the right time. The company’s mission is to provide leading-edge innovations for medication management to ensure the highest level of resident care possible in the long term care industry. Ignore the sadistic part of your brain telling you to work through lunch, and schedule a rest period.
Track your time consumption to identify exactly what activities can be executed faster without a drop in standards. It syncs with applications on the iPhone, Android platforms and more, and integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Maps, so youa€™re able to share and assign tasks, schedule reminders and geolocate tasks quickly, without having to open multiple applications. Share your calendar with relevant individuals to ensure you wona€™t be disturbed, and youa€™ll notice youa€™re far more productive when your brain gets a chance to refresh. Teams needed to work together and delegate responsibilities to finish their floating vessels before time was up. On the day of the event, everyone in the group had access to a list of 80 teamwork challenges worth different point values, and needed to manage their time and think strategically to climb to the top of the leaderboard. The activity challenges teams to prepare a live news broadcast, and there’s no room for procrastination. Our team will get back to you right away to discuss your group's needs, and help you pick the right activity to help improve your team’s time management skills. Assisted living and long-term care facilities will discover cost savings through reduced staff time spent on med passes, streamlined record-keeping and reporting, and reduced risk of errors,” said Ian Salditch, Medicine-On-Time’s chief executive.
Both the plastic tray and each blister pack are labeled with information about each pill, including the patient’s name, the medications enclosed, and the times each drug is to be taken. Medications are custom sorted, packaged, and labeled at the direction of a participating Medicine-On-Time pharmacist for the easiest administration available. Med Management Technology currently serves pharmacy clients and their customers in 26 states. Once you and your staff are up to speed, youa€™ll begin to see the fruits of your labour, including better time management, improved performance and greater productivity across your organisation.

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