Children’s Communication Skills will develop in the same step but may be different in speed because some children can speak very fast but some can speak very slow so Parent and babysitter should concern about language to inspire your children to speak and develop communication skills of your children property by using two way communication such as using eye contact which it will help your children to speak clearly because your children will look at your mouse when you teach your children how to speak. The best thing that parent should do is to speak when your baby in your belly three months before birth which it will help familiar with your voice and these will help your baby remember your voice and it help your baby to improve communication skill faster than normal baby. Parent and babysitter should talk with your baby everyday and should not let your baby play with their toy alone because your baby will not speak when they play with their own toy and the good thing that babysitter and parent should do is play with your baby and teach word by word and your baby play with their toy. The most important thing to improve communication skills for your children is not the way that you teach your children but it is a time that you spend to your children.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Some children can speak very fast but can not walk and some children can speak very slow but can walk which parent should concern about your children development if you feel that your baby develop their skill very slow so you should Pediatrician to solve your problem. Many parent nowadays spend their time to work more than spend to your baby and it is a big problem because your children will not listen to you which it will effect your baby when they grow up. Look at the speakers body language, Listen to the tone of speech, this will help you understand what is being communicated E.g.

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