Marketing and communication pros share their tips for how companies can foster better communication (and collaboration) among employees, as well as improve customer communications. In todaya€™s fast-paced world, where it seems almost everyone suffers from some degree of ADD, it is harder than ever for companies to get peoplea€™s attention. This applies not just to consumers (prospective or existing customers) but to employees as well. So what can you do to improve your internal (employee) and external (customer) communications, so that people will pay attention to, read and respond to your messages?

Dozens of marketing and communication experts share their nine top strategies for improving business communication.Internal (Employee) Communication Tips1.
Create an online forum where employees can easily share information and respond.A  a€?Create a forum where employees can communicate with each other,a€? says Kristina Roth, CEO of Matisia Consultants. Use Google Hangouts or Skype.a€?Employee communication is a challenge at Doubledot Media because we literally have employees all over the world,a€? says Simon Slade, CEO, Doubledot Media.
To ensure that workers know whata€™s going on, and is expected of them, a€?provide a weekly status report for the priorities and projects that theya€™re working on, followed by short and simple feedback from managers and executives,a€? he suggests.

That way, a€?employees can prioritize which messages require immediate action, and which they can return to at a later time.a€?5. And bringing far-flung employees together in one place, physically, while helpful, can be expensive.

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