Maintaining the natural hair styles is sometimes a fun inviting moment to try out new looks that are not only unique but catchy. To start with, the Bantu Knots is one of the natural hair styles that require the application of a hairdressing cream that will be used to untangle hair and also dampen it.
The Braid Outs also require a damp untangled hair that is conditioned using the alcohol styling gel while braiding in a random fashion. This is a special tutorial on how to make a braided ballerina bun, great for special events and not only. Check out also the video below which presents how to make a braided ballerina bun with the help of a bun maker. With many classic styles making a comeback in today’s fashion world, the short, cropped hairdos are the most accepted ones.
Dark lipsticks, liners, hairpins, bands are the necessary components to don this sophisticated look, that go along with elegant dresses and shining jewelries.

After allowing it to dry for some time, some pomade is used to smoothen and shine the waves before undoing the braiding to get the final fluffy look.
The same steps as in Braid Outs are followed only that at the end, a little oil is used to make the waves while twisting around the finger. Two small ones in the front, left and right side and one big section in the back which is gathered in a ponytail. They feature a range of neat and polished hairstyles, such as asymmetric and blunt bobs, pixies etc, reflecting the vintage look. These hair styles include Twist Outs, Braid Outs, Two Strand Twists and the famous Bantu Knots. The Two Strand Twists is recommended for long hair and short hair where the natural hair styles need to maintain the texture. The good thing about this hairstyle is that is very strong, and you can dance and jump around with it without ruining the look.

Take a small section of hair from the ponytail and start braiding slowly and take different hair strands from the sections in the front of your head and insert them into the braid. Short pinned up curls, like the earlier twentieth century actress Jane Wyman, which reflect the typical roll and finger wave styles of the previous ages.
With some attention and no specific skills you can complete this look in maximum 10 minutes and wear it all day long and night.
Go around the head like you are making a bun, follow the pictures and when you have finished, secure the end with a small hair elastic and hide it in the bun with some bobby pins. If you really have something good, we will publish it with your own name in our online magazine.

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