I have noticed in recent weeks that more unscrupulous Binary Options brokers are once again using my name and company to promote their scams. When searchers click on these pages thinking they are going to my site, or a site related to me they are then forwarded on to a Binary Options website. These unethical methods of manipulating search engine results are banned by Google, but still they list these scammers in search engine results.
I have emailed Google numerous times about this unethical practice but they still let these scammers do this.
My legal team are on the case, but these things take time and its unlikely Google will remove these doorway pages from its search results and time soon. If you see any promotion of Binary Options with either my name or my company name mentioned anywhere in search results please ignore it, because its a scam. We expect the minutes to provide a clue as to whether the March policy statement, which again refrained from characterizing the balance of risks, represents a compromise between a more dovish Chair and relatively hawkish committee members. The March meeting minutes, which detail the discussion and debate at the meeting, may appear more balanced than Chair Yellen’s press conference as it will include the cautious views taken by many on the leadership and some of the more constructive outlooks taken by regional Fed Presidents. But even so, given Chair Yellen’s dovish press conference in March reflected the view of the committee as a whole and most members felt it was appropriate to revise their dots lower, the core takeaways from the minutes may lean dovish.
Most traders start their trading journey by demo trading, which is a sensible way to start. Demo trading is fine for new starters but some people find it difficult to stick to their trading plan as they are not trading with real money. I had a real problem taking demo trading seriously when i first started, so i pretty much went on to live trading very quickly, and lost money, as most people do. Things like, not stopping yourself out of a bad trade on demo as you are not losing real money.
Trading with too big a lot size to increase the demo quickly, to give yourself an ego boost, so you can convince yourself you are ready to go on to live trading.
Jumping in and out of trades, again to try and boost the account quickly to give yourself a false sense of trading success.
I have done it all, and this type of behavior is sub consciously reinforcing bad habits in your trading, which are very difficult to break when they are ingrained.
The good thing about using Forex trading competitions as a way of improving your trading success is you are accountable for your trades.
The problem i found with demo trading is there is no reward at the end, so its difficult to take it seriously in my opinion.
Trading competitions are not for everyone though, but if you are having trouble with taking a demo account seriously, then entering a trading competition is a viable alternative in my opinion to trading with real money. On the subject of time, and the value of it, i will be increasing my prices for my training course at the end of this year. I am giving almost 2 months notice to anyone that is thinking about taking my training and mentoring course to enable you to book my time at this years prices.
If you want to book your spot for a January start, you can reserve your place at this years prices with a ?1000 deposit. If you want to start before January, i can probably take 1 more student for a start this year.
Please note: I am only looking for students that really want to trade at a professional level, and make a career of it. Powered by WordPressDisclaimer: All information on this website is for your entertainment only.

Offering a live chat option on your website is a great start at being more responsive to your market’s needs. But if you have decent traffic and your agents process one chat request at a time, you would have to expand your customer service exponentially to offer a good user experience. A smarter option would be to train your agents to multitask effectively, and offer them the required tools and resources to get the job done in a fraction of the time. Now, your agents might be used to chatting with 7 friends everyday but with customers, it’s a whole different game.
Keep an eye on these points if you want to provide an awesome live chat experience with a lean workforce. It seems strange to bash multitasking in a post about multitasking, but stay with me on this.
A best practice would be to have agents process not more than 5 customers at the same time.
When a customer is on chat and has a complicated issue your agents should not spend too much time trying to solve it. Hence, it’s crucial that your ticketing solution and chat solution have a tight integration at the backend. A well trained agent who knows about your services, products and business processes is crucial to multitasking. And in case they don’t know the solution they must understand enough of the question to be able to escalate it to the right person at a higher support level. If you want some tips on crafting a better knowledge base, we have got you covered there too.
What are your strategies for dealing with a flood of chat requests when you only have a few agents available? They scammers build doorway pages and submit them to Google and optimize them for keyword rich search terms like Rob Taylor Forex, and Rob Taylor Trade Forex Make Money. I have not, and will not, at any time, past, present, or future, promote any products or services related to Binary Options.
I have never traded or will ever trade Binary Options, and any company or individual that promotes my involvement with these scams is breaking the law, and my legal team will take action against you and your company. The shift lower in the dot plot was accompanied by modest downward revisions to the outlook, with an outright majority of FOMC participants expecting just two hikes this year. With slower productivity growth, the terminal funds rate may be lower while inflationary pressures and thus the speed of normalization would be faster. But even if most members saw it appropriate to submit a more accommodative path for the Fed Funds rate, there does appear to be a rift of sorts between members over how strong the impact of a global growth slowdown will have on growth at home. When they don’t come back you blow the account, but it does not matter because its only demo, and you can easily open another account. Well the answer for me was to start live trading, and pay the market for my education, by giving it my money.
Well if you don’t they are generally run by brokers or Forex related websites as a way of generating new business.
They give you a demo account, and the competition can last for a few weeks to a few months. You are trading against other traders so in order to progress up the list you have to stick to the plan. By using trading competitions there is something to play for, an objective, and that is to win.

For example, mistakes like unprofessional language, typing in different windows and not knowing answers or appearing clueless can cost you sales.
The more chats your agents are running at the same time, the greater the chances that there will be a mistake. Instead, have them create a ticket and inform the customer when their problem can be expected to be resolved. Your agents must be familiar with all the common problems that customers face, and must be able to analyze and provide solutions to uncommon problems.
So, a good chat system will let the busier agents effortlessly transfer some of their assigned chats to less occupied agents. For example, managers or supervisors can monitor chats in the background and coach new or less skilled agents on what to say to the customer.
Use a knowledge base and FAQ that’s integrated with your chat solution so that agents can quickly search for the appropriate solution inside the chat and copy paste the link to the answer. At the same time the Committee was unable to agree on a balance of risks, and the mixed messages of post-meeting speeches suggests underlying disagreement. The main division among the participants should be the assessment of risks, particularly around global economic and financial developments. Yellen alluded to some debate on the FOMC regarding this issue, but so far Fed officials do not appear to have embraced this possibility. Since then, however, Chair Yellen indicated that she sees downside risks to the outlook stemming from abroad. But there is an alternative that could be the middle ground between live trading and demo trading. They offer prize money, generally for the top 3 traders which can be anything from a few 100 dollars, to 1000s of dollars. Yeah i know i don’t look a day over 40, but my clock seems to be ticking even faster these days. I am also getting busier with the management side of the business which is giving me less time in which i can teach. Thus the minutes may give important insight into the nature and degree of discord, particularly among the voting members. We expect the minutes to sound somewhat more hawkish than Yellen’s recent remarks, if for no other reason than more hawkish views will be represented.
So too would be any indication of whether a majority saw on net balanced or downside risks.
We do not make any recommendations to trade in Forex or any other financial instruments or markets.
If the main concern was that the outlook had recently become more uncertain, that could fade in plenty of time for a June hike.
We do not know your financial situation, or your level of trading experience, so if you are trading please trade responsibly, and do not trade with money you cannot afford to lose.
How widely shared her skepticism on an inflation pickup are will be notable as well, as that should strongly influence the pace of rate hikes.

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