The final and ninth season of Dexter has provided some of the bloody plot twists we've grown accustom to from the nation's favorite serial killer. According to the trailer promo for Episode 9, it looks like Deb is back on the Miami police force. In an attempt to break a tie in the NBA playoffs, the Cleveland Cavaliers face the Toronto Raptors in game 5 tonight on ESPN. Watching the NBA live video stream from ESPN make is easy for basketball fans to follow the game on a tablet, smart phone or mobile device. Download the free ESPN mobile app to your device to watch ESPN live stream of the NBA as the Cavaliers and Raptors battle it out tonight.

As another option, not requiring any download, watch the live NBA video stream from ESPN directly from the web site. With the series tied at 2-2, this game will go to at least a game 6 to determine who moves on to the NBA finals. Tonight’s battle between Cleveland and Toronto begins on ESPN at 8:30, but tune on on TV and online via the ESPN live stream to catch the pre-game coverage starting an hour earlier.
Jack Law - an avid soccer player and talented writer, Jack does an excellent job bringing our Sports section to life.
So back at the Elway's PI firm, Deb's former boss contacts a federal marshal to help take down Hannah McKay.

Though it doesn't seem the two are suspicious of their blood-spatter colleague, but that doesn't stop Dexter from making an urgent phone call asking why they'd be in his office. Meanwhile, tomorrow night’s game between the OKC Thunder and the Golden State Warriors could end that series. Dexter isn't he that Zach is copying his methods, while Vogel thinks it's a form of flattery and maturity.

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