ESPN have announced that they are now releasing their WatchESPN app to subscribers of Comcast for free on browsers and portable devices. Go in with a plan.While meal planning may seems like a daunting task, it has amazing benefits, not only on your health, but also your budget. Rotate your food.Now this sounds like a weird one, but while planning your meals, and shopping for those meals, think of meals that use different ingredients. When you plan your meals, there’s no more wondering what you’ll have for dinner after a long day at work. Our carts quickly fill up with food we normally wouldn’t eat, but in the moment everything appears so delicious.

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a man-made ingredient used to enhance food flavor and used, or hidden in many products.
Eating a quick snack before running into the store will help curb your appetite, and help you make healthy choices, as well as keep your grocery bill down. And, the more you can pronounce those ingredients probably means it has been processed less, or not processed at all. Shopping in season produce means you have a better chance that the food is sourced locally, which means it’s better for you, and fresher. Sustainable Table has an amazing tool to help you locate what food is local to you during what months.

This is really important for those with food allergies, as you can build up an intolerance to certain foods.
Who knows, you might end up loving that weird looking vegetable you’ve already wondered about. But, carefully wade into these territories and make the right decision for you and your family.

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