Make A Product Review Database With Wordpress: Custom Post Types, Custom Fields, Featured Images & Widgets!
Make A Product Review Database With WordPress: Custom Post Types, Custom Fields, Featured Images & Widgets! Last time I showed you how to create a simple events listing using perhaps the most powerful feature of WordPress 3.0 – custom post types. You’ll be able to maintain a separate list of products using custom post types, each with an associated image, as well as some meta-info such as price, rating, specifications – and we’ll finish it all off with a way to display them in a sidebar widget and an index page.Sounds good?
You’ll need a working WordPress 3.0+ self hosted install, and this will make use of extensive PHP coding. If you read last weeks tutorial, you should be somewhat familiar with creating a custom post type in WordPress.
It’s also wise to decide now what kind of meta-info you want to associate with each product. Rather than adding this info directly to the description of the product (the ‘post content’), we’re going to create custom fields to hold this info.
At this point, I’m going to make a very small change to the line that displays “Written by (author) on (date)”, so instead it just reads “Added to the database on (date)”. Now, to add the featured post image we attached to the product, this one line should do it (I included style info too, in case you need it).
In the example above, I’m checking each custom field name (the $key) to see if it’s called ‘Level’. I’m going to leave it there for single product views, as it really depends upon your own theme and what you want to achieve with it. Obviously, it looks a bit silly with both the archives and sidebar, and it could do with a bit more style adjustment, but I’ll leave that up to you! And with the Custom Field Template plugin, it’s possible to build something that can be handed over to less tech savvy users.
Hmm, custom fields are definitely enabled in the code, so I suspect there might be a conflict with the template plugin thing. Do you know of a simple hack to display the product archive in date order (newest to oldest) without such a plugin? This article may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation.
Read on to find out what a VPN is, how it can keep you safer, and win one of ten premium subscriptions to ZenMate. Many bloggers will search high and low for the perfect Wordpress widget that will do exactly what they want, but with a little programming experience you may find it's easier to write your custom widget. Featured Images were introduced into Wordpress in version 2.9, and it enables you to easily display an image that's associated with your blog post in various parts of your theme.
Please note the kit does not include the articles made of clay shown in the product photos. After some requests to develop this further, today we’ll be creating a product review database to tie together everything we’ve learnt so far.
I’ll give you the code, but you’ll need to be relatively comfortable with PHP and XHTML to adjust variable names to your needs or change the style.

Copy and paste this base code into a new plugin, activate it, and begin adding some new products so we have a dataset to work with.
On the add product screen, make sure you’ve enabled custom fields, then create a new field for each info set.
To fix that, head into the permalinks settings of WordPress and just hit Save Settings once. This is just so I can be sure template is working, and refreshing the single product page should show this change instantly. I’ve posted the full code to my own single-products.php here, but remember it’s unique to my theme so simply copying that into your own theme directory may produce unexpected results. If it is called level, instead of just echoing the value of the field back, I’m displaying a different graphical element based on the content.
For now, let’s move onto a sidebar widget to display… the 3 highest ranked products in the database?
You can view the complete full code online here – just copy and paste or download the entire thing into a file called products.php, and place it in your plugins directory. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items. Version 3 introduced the concept of Custom Post Types to extend the built-in functionality. Need to get out of the house, but want to make sure you have a fully charged laptop with you before you hit the road? But when you look at the variety of fonts available, you'll realize they can play a significant role in your designs. If you need a quick beginners course on CSS and XHTML, may I suggest our wonderful free beginners guide to download. I’d also suggest you use a cleanly coded but basic theme – the default Twenty-Ten or Twenty-Eleven theme is actually quite complicated to edit, so try this first on something simpler before trying to integrate with that.
You’ll only need to create new fields once – the next product you add you’ll be able to select the name of the custom field from the drop down box. Don’t forget to add a featured image, as well be using this to display alongside the info product later on. Now when you view one of your new product entries, depending on your theme, you might see something a little plain. For any other custom fields, I’m echoing the value as it is, along with the name of the field (which is exactly what the_meta() does).
You should be able to potentially expand your WordPress blog into a database of anything now!
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The title and description text are there, but what about all our custom meta info and the image?
It’s difficult to answer individual problems you might be having, but do please post in the comments if you’d like some help or would like to show your appreciation – a tweet or Facebook like would very much be appreciated, or even a mention on your blog if you decide to implement this. Of historical interest is a group of hand written Revolutionary War letters and a collection of 19th Master and Seaman contracts for New Bedford whaling vessels.It is always exciting and intriguing to see and hold actual pieces of history. Of historical interest coming up are six original hand written letters between Minuteman Captain Joshua Gray and his wife, Mary Gray (Yarmouthport, MA) during his absence fighting in the Revolutionary War. There is mention of long marches to Boston and other military references, as well as personal reports of the childrens well being thankfulness for their blessings.

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