The concept of the zine dates back to the 1930s when science-fiction fans started producing do-it-yourself magazines containing news, reviews, and tributes to the latest sci-fi and fantasy literature. Eventually the idea spread to other genres and areas of interest, including what was to become known as the Riot Grrrl Movement.
The Riot Grrrl movement, for example, empowered young women to speak up against sexism and as author Trina Robbins explains, “one of the first Riot Grrrl actions was to protest violence in a traditionally feminist collective way, by reclaiming the mosh pit, that crushing and frightening all-male area in front of the band at concerts. Some say that zines can be traced back to Victorian erotica, Ben Franklin’s pamphlets , and Martin Luthor posting decrees on doors.
Great Stuff, this and the models will keep the grand kids quiet for at least 10 minutes when they next visit!

The term “Riot Grrrl” was coined by punk bands Bikini Kill and Bratmobile with Bratmobile members Allison Wolte and Molly Neuman releasing the first Riot Grrrl zine in 1991.
I notice zines being digitized and made available online and trades being facilitated through websites and blogs, and if zine libraries and festivals are any indication, I’d say zines as a physical medium are flourishing. Make sure that you set the printer to scale the image to fit the sheet otherwise some of the facts will fall off the edge. Locally you can explore the Watkins Zine Library and the Brainfreeze Comics & Zines shelf in The Groove. And if you’re up for a road trip, the Fales Library Special Collections at NYU houses The Riot Grrrl Collection.

It’s an annual festival at Watkins College that celebrates DIY publications including zines.
And just a couple months ago Chattanooga Public Library launched a zine library and held their first festival, Chattanooga ZineFest. NPL has done zine workshops in the past and usually has a presence at Handmade & Bound showing off books from our Wilson Limited Editions Collection.

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