From my experience, rearranging toys or moving things to a different spot really seems to inspire more pretend play, playing with those toys in a different way, or even just playing with them in general when they haven’t been touched in months.
For older children, make a checklist on a piece of paper that they can use when they see their patients.
I built a vet center out of cardboard boxes (nothing fancy, they aren’t painted or covered or anything) they are stacked three high, the ones on top are small for her stuffed animals who have to be left in the clinic over night.
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This entry was posted in back to school, brandy melville, clothing, fashion, modeling, youtube and tagged american eagle, brandy melville, converse, modeling on September 20, 2015 by admin.

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This entry was posted in back to school, brandy melville, clothing, fashion, hair, instagram, summer, youtube and tagged american eagle, baseball, brandy melville, converse, instagram, photo shoot, shannon on July 12, 2015 by admin. Brought out the doctor kit, a toy laptop, a notebook and pen, and even a microphone for calling patience into the office.
My top is from Brandy Melville, my shorts are American Eagle and my high tops are… of course… Converse!
Crowds the world over flocked to the dance floor to try out their latest moves to the great man’s tumultuous rhythms.

All of which can be heard on their 1967 album Forever Changes, an album provably better than the collected works of Papa Roach, I assure you. She has her cash register with a built in mic, an old broke lap top, and her medical supplies (my sister gave her a real doctor kit for Christmas which included a real stethoscope, a breathing treatment machine, etc.) on her little table beside the vet center.

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