Jim Manzi recently wrote an article for Forbes relating three ways to make Big Data make money.
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If you’ve ever wondered if you can put those idle extra minutes you spend lying around the house to work for you, you’ve come to the right place.
In this post I’ll outline why affiliate marketing is a great skill to master and how you can use it to earn a sustainable side income just by working whenever you have a few minutes to spare. It has several main advantages over most other secondary income streams, which usually require to work a minimum number of hours, during a specific time, or (god forbid) from an actual office.
If you want to do a quick, back of the napkin math for how much you can realistically earn with affiliate marketing, you might use the $1 a post figure.
Obviously this number can change drastically depending on the industry, value of products you’re promoting, conversion rates, etc, but it’s a good guess if you’re just starting out. The biggest challenge people face when starting out with affiliate marketing is getting over that initial hurdle involved in developing a site. Take action by writing posts consistently, over time, and you’ll be able to overcome these initial hurdles and out-earn many of your competitors. You might also think about investing in a training program like Wealthy Affiliate or Afflorama to make sure you have all the fundamental skills you need for success.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a free basic membership, so that’s probably your best bet to get started.
First was an unwillingness to be snowed by conventional wisdom, technical jargon or the fairy tales of universal knowledge that abound when everything was still mostly talk and potential. As long as you keep your site moderately active with just a few posts per week, you can scale your workload up or down as you need to. There is virtually unlimited earnings potential with affiliate marketing…you just have to work for it. If you invest your time working for a month and then drop the project and never work on it again, it’s unlikely you’ll see any real results.
Second was a strong bias to act quickly at low cost, learn what works from experience, and then reinforce strengths… Third was a ruthless focus on profits in excess of capital costs within the foreseeable future as the success criteria for proposed investments of time or money.

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