I mean, if I wanted to get high, I was offered the opportunity to do so 4 times in half an hour. Now, your participants aren’t going to get high in your training, but they do need some training guidelines about how to conduct themselves or you could have a mutiny on your hands. You’ll get a few random ideas outside of that list, but for your purposes, this is a good list.
So try leave it for just before morning break, then you will have established the rapport, had some introduction to people; they’re just more warmed up. I'm a Coach, Trainer and Facilitator and this site is built to help workplace trainers, seminar leaders and presenters do great work, and win more work.

You can also check this recent Google Adsense and Clickbank screen shots my client and friend Susan sent me. I recently followed a thread on one of my Linked-In groups that asked the question about setting guidelines for training and the responses were many and varied.
What sort of guidelines process do you do, how do you get everyone involved and agreeing to this sort of protocol? I wanted a site like this when I started training and facilitation 15 years ago, I couldn't find one, so I created this for you.
The way they kept walking through the cafe, waiting out front, then walking back through again, gave us the feeling something suss was going down.

I love the work, and I keep getting sent on great assigments around the world, so folks like what I do, and I want to share that with you here.

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