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First of all, when the browser open our website, we need to tell it that how to control the page’s diensions and scaling. Second, if we are using absolute css width in our website, for example, setting width as 680px, it will cause the div to wide for the viewport on a narrower device screen.
In some website template like WordPress, when you insert a image in the page, the image width and height will be set in the tag.
Bursting at the seams with creativity and innovative ideas, we help you build relationships with your customers online because we believe that relationships lead to conversations which in turn lead to conversions.

Google says your customers will use tablets and smart phones to access your website more than desktops from this year forward.
The abstract is that Google search will analyse your website and find how if your website is mobile friendly, fully responsive in other words.
Here is an example to set a div width as 60% when the viewport screen size width is between 600px to 900px. It will fix the image width and height, which makes the image cannot fit the containers size when your website is designed as fully responsive. It provides a easy way for you to manage and sell your digital goods and products on your website.
As the world increasingly shifts to become more mobile, so wea€™ve evolved our philosophy of giving your customers an enjoyable and rich user experience to ensure that happens wherever they are and however they access your content, be it a website or a newsletter.

The solution to make the image responsive is set the max-width as 100% and height as auto in the css. We have many years experience designing and developing brilliant smart phone apps, email marketing campaigns as well as responsive websites. Websites that are focussed on conversion, whether that be getting customers to buy online or pick up the phone or find information about your business.
So what will you decide to do, change your website fully responsive or lost traffic from mobile?

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