For the paint I used Purple Metallic Paint – nothing extra special it was just Acrylic Paint you can find in your local craft store or any store that sells crafts. Then have some ordinary Dish Soap ready to go.For the next step you want to Cut pieces of the Clear Tape and cover the area where you will have the Scratch off part on your Ticket.
This is so when you add the paint on it will allow it not to stick and be able to be scratched off after it dries.

So far so easy right?Now place some of your Paint on a disposable plate then you will add in a drop of Dish Soap.  Figure 3 Parts Paint and 1 Part Soap. I ended up doing 3 coats to completely cover the area and have it so you could not see through it. Hold it up to the light so you can make sure you cannot see the images from both sides of the cards.When they are dry cut them out and you are ready to play and have the kids Scratch 2 Win !!Here are the girls at the party with the Scratch Off Lottery Tickets.

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