Negotiation tactics play a key role in just about every project, whether it’s a small project or a large one. The success and failure of projects often hinges on the project manager themselves, and their ability to negotiate plays a direct role in the overall outcome.
A project manager can do everything perfectly, but no matter how well they do there is always going to be one factor they can’t control and that factor is time.  Time is a factor for the smallest of firms with micro-projects all the way up to a national level.
The deadline of 18 months itself is the result of negotiations because it didn’t just get decided randomly out of thin air.
You don’t have to be a project manager overseeing the splitting up of countries for negotiation tactics to be important. Mary Ann Keeling is a freelance writer and a business consultant who loves to share her insight on the latest business news and opportunities. A simplified Website Design Editor, featuring drag-and-drop design functionality, professional templates and pre-populated copy.
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Once you have identified the real risks, and ways that you can reduce and control them, you need to put measures in place. Baseline risk assessment is an initial risk assessment that identifies the major risks to your business as a whole. Continuous risk assessment is essential for business, as it’s an environment that rarely stays the same.
The exact role that negotiations play in a project may vary from project to project, but the importance stays the same. As such, it’s difficult to overstate the importance of negotiation tactics in project management.
Take Scotland, for example, who will vote on their desire to exit the United Kingdom in late 2014, which would result in Scotland no longer being a part of the UK beginning in the first quarter of 2016. Project managers should remember to negotiate deadlines just as they would negotiate all other aspects of a project like available resources, compensation, and the scope of the project itself.
That’s just one, very large, example but the fact is that there are countless more examples that can be taken from projects of all sizes. Put your company online, and reach out to new customers with help from web-hosting services.
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As well as minimising the chance that your employees and customers get hurt, you also reduce your insurance premiums, so you can make more of a profit.
You are probably already taking measures to make sure that your employees aren’t at excessive risk, but a risk assessment will tell you if you need to do more.
If you have less than five employees, then you’re not required to write it down, however you are encouraged to. This is what you’d do before doing anything else, and will likely lead to other, more in depth risk assessments.
This will reduce risk in itself – as it means you are more likely to identify hazards as they arise, rather than leaving it until it is too late, i.e.
However, while an office environment does pose its risks, somewhere that deals with chemicals is a whole lot riskier.

Negotiating from a project manager’s point of view is a lot different than other types of negotiations in a business, like negotiating the price of input materials with a supplier or negotiating a bank loan. Project managers are constantly at odds with other forces while trying to obtain sufficient budgets, talented workers and dealing with the countless unforeseen setbacks that can arise. The gap of 18 months between the vote and the actual exit is to ensure there is enough time to make all of the proper arrangements which basically means over a year of very intense debate and negotiations between all parties involved.
Even if time is the one thing that project managers ultimately can’t control, they can still negotiate to put time on their side as much as possible. Having strong negotiation tactics will, quite simply, help you to get what you want, and more of it, more often. They might have a different perspective to you and they might see a hazard that you don’t, and they may also be able to see a better way of reducing that risk. The reason it’s different is because the project manager is in a position of authority over certain people they’ll be negotiating with, yet not in a position of authority over other stakeholders in a project. The difference between a project manager who can negotiate and one that can’t is that the one that can’t will probably be out of a job before too long.
Whether those deadlines will be met remains to be seen, and it’s not guaranteed that Scotland will even vote in favor of breaking off from the UK, so only time will tell. With so many moving parts to a project, being able to use the skills of negotiation to keep things moving in the right direction more often than not is a very valuable skill to have. They will make sure that you are doing everything you can to reduce the risk of chemical harm to both your employees and your products themselves. For example, the people putting the project together must answer to the project manager but the project manager has to answer to the CEO. If you look at what happened to Czechoslovakia in 1993, there are still negotiations taking place to finalize details between the Czech Republic and Slovakia over 20 years later, so planning to have things wrapped up in 18 months sounds awfully optimistic.
As such, a project manager is put in an interesting position when it comes to negotiations.

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