The Vacation Planner is an Excel based software solution of a staff planning board or wall chart. Now you can choose whether your vacation year runs from January through December or from April to March! DRoster Employee Scheduling Software It is a staff rostering and employee scheduling software tool.
QueIt Scheduler It is a powerful scheduling utility that allows you to schedule programs, tasks to automatically launch. Job Designer Job Designer scheduling software makes all of this possible graphical interface. Employee Shift Scheduler for Excel It is an affordable spreadsheet that runs in Microsoft Excel (sold separately).
Advanced Wedding Organizer Program designed to help a couple organize wedding holiday in the most efficient way.
Employee vacation scheduling software for businesses who need to track attendance records and manage employee benefits.
TimeOff tracks employee attendance by category, and you can adapt it to suit your business and your rules. The ability to have different policies for different types of employees for the same Reason. The ability to export Time Off Reports to Rich Text Format, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, and HTML documents.
Manager can use this screen to manager his own information such as email, password and the company's information.
Manager can export payroll into MS Excel then view the detail information in MS Excel application. Manager can export payroll into PDF file, then view the payroll details in Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.
If you don't want to run any web browser all the time, we provide an Adobe AIR application which allow you to access the Time Clock Free from your desktop directly. DotScrum is a software project management methodology that I developed over the course of time. I have been doing professional software development for the past 12 years with 10 years being in lead roles such as technical lead, technical architect and project manager.
It is not necessary to understand other agile software development methodologies; however it could be useful if you read an article or two on Scrum and agile software development techniques.

So it all starts with a project with zillions of features, lots of complex UIs and background processes.
DotScrum project planning is done in such a way that a daily build is released for Quality Assurance.
DotScrum project planning is done in such a way that a build is released to the client after every 15 days.
If there is something that you have to ask other teams or clients, don't just throw an email - Write a document. The most important features should be developed first and most critical bugs should be solved first. Hiring the right people and building a motivated team is a key to successful project execution.
I ran DotScrum projects in various companies both small and large and got a reaction of Wow, outstanding, awesome!!!
More comprehensive and well thought out tools exist instead of text files and excel spreadsheets. I gave your article 3 as you have obviously spent some time on it and it is an interesting read but is is very misleading about agile development. Scrum addresses software development process and how it should be done however DotScrum not only focuses on SDLC but also takes hiring, time management etc.
When buying our software you will automatically receive a package containing both versions!
You can add company wide days off, like holidays, by adding entries to the Global TimeOff screen. It allows manager to enter manager view to manager all espects of the Time Clock Free system. With this methodology, I am delivering successful projects with satisfied teams and clients for a long time. And those features have be delivered on various platforms from handheld mobile devices, Vista and Windows 7 desktops to Windows 2003 servers and Linux apache hosting PHP pages. Have the Introduction section in all documents even the informal ones to let the other party know what the purpose of this communication is.
Planning document list what features are completed, what are in bug fixing state and by which date they will be completed.
We do have a master project plan, however each team writes its own plan for the next 1 or 2 months.

If some feature or a bug requires questions from client or other teams, it should be removed from the current period and pushed down for next releases. Also clearly stating public holidays, short leaves and paid holidays helps employees to plan for vacations. The areas you touch on, hiring, project management, time and attendance, leave management and other HR issues are enormous areas that are far more complex than you suggest.
This methodology is suitable for small size startup companies or small independent groups in large companies. DotScrum understands that, so it focuses on project features, timing, team members and positive interactions with client. It has few diagrams that clarify how various parts of a system will be deployed and interact. Documents are like normal conversation, they have a start (grasping attention by saying Hello), middle (real purpose of communication or questions) and an end (a bye not necessary if communication is open).
Release is a result of all the planning you did so release notes roughly come under the category of planning document. Recently, I executed a DotScrum project comprising a game server, a game engine, a web and desktop game client and got an awesome raise. This makes it easier for developers and designers to straight up everything before release time.
Obtain client review in the form of PDF or WORD document or may be provide an online bug tracking system. For example, when asking a question about a Font Dialog->Font Style, use word Font Style and specify where it is on the dialog. Developers could work on completely clear bugs or features while questions about wage areas are being answered. Similarly late evening releases like 5:00 pm do not give testers enough time to smoke applications and comment about the quality of the release before the day is closed. To move things up and down, it is necessary to have time estimates of next 3 or 4 releases are ready.
Please post your comments and questions so I could address those issues in the next version of DotScrum.

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