The Clean Water Management Trust Fund board made 30 awards at its December meeting, including $2.55 million to the Wildlife Commission for acquisition of additional lands in Columbus, Randolph and Ashe counties. Approved funding includes $1.5 million toward acquiring the Riverstone Project, an 18,000-acre property south of Lake Waccamaw, in Columbus County. The Clean Water Management Trust grants have restored and protected thousands of acres of wetlands and forestland that have protected habitat for fish and wildlife, providing a rich resource for hunters and anglers. The Wildlife Commission manages more than 2 million acres as game lands, for hunters, anglers, trappers and other outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy.

Wildlife Resources Commission is among several state agencies that will manage vital natural heritage areas acquired through recent grants of $16.26 million from the Clean Water Management Trust Fund. The Commission is attempting to obtain the property in partnership with The Nature Conservancy.
Acquisition of this property, in partnership with the Land Trust for Central North Carolina and the National Wild Turkey Federation, will add 288 acres to Uwharrie Game Land adjacent to the Birkhead Mountain Wilderness Area. The Riverstone Project supports several nationally significant natural areas and multiple endemic species.

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