This is a one-year Bible reading plan that divides Scripture into seven categories, giving you a different category to read from each day of the week.
The advantage to this reading plan is that every week you will read from several different types of books. This is a one-year Bible reading plan that gives you portions of Scripture from both the Old Testament and New Testament each day.
This option will automatically create a reading plan for you based on a range of chapters you wish to read and the date you want the reading completed on.
Specify the starting book and chapter, the ending book and chapter, and the date the plan should complete on. Each time you start Daily Bible and Prayer, you will be shown the status of each of your plans.

To load the current day for a reading plan, click the title of your reading plan in the task list, or select it from the Reading menu. If you also have SwordSearcher Bible Software installed on your computer, verses in the Bible plan reader can be linked to open them inside of SwordSearcher to begin an in-depth study. If you've ever tried to read through the Bible chronologically but felt bogged down during long periods of reading genealogies or Mosaic law, this plan can be very helpful. Also, the task list will show the titles of each reading plan that needs to be read in bold.
When you are finished reading, click Mark Passage as Read, and Daily Bible and Prayer will update your plan details.
Each day, Daily Bible and Prayer will help you keep up with your reading, and if you fall behind, Daily Bible and Prayer will help you catch up.

Once you mark it as read, the next unread day will be loaded, and so on, until you have caught up. Daily Bible displays Scripture from the King James Bible and also allows you to print your Bible reading plan details in case you need to use a printed Bible. And in the event that catching up with your reading plan is not feasible, you can easily adjust the completion date of the plan and keep going.

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