Based on reader feedback, one of the most difficult parts of organizing your time is prioritizing and staying focused.
As I mentioned in my 5 Small Steps That Changed My Life post here, scheduling and taking advantage of a Power Hour every day has enabled me to be much more productive.
The basic idea of the Power Hour is to take one hour during the day where you shut everything off (email, Facebook, phone, etc.) and focus on your most important tasks. If you are a morning person, get up early to make time for organization and planning tasks. Brain Drains are those tasks in your life that make you tired just thinking about them, or which require the most concentration and brain power to complete.
Paying bills, balancing the checkbook and making a weekly meal plan are all great tasks for the Power Hour.
To make the most of your Power Hour, you should have a prioritized list of tasks that need to be completed. The most difficult but essential aspect of using the Power Hour is eliminating all possible distractions –close the email, turn off the phone, close the door. Using a Power Hour can be one of your most powerful time management tools, but I do have one caveat.
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What you need is a company that can get you back to square one, market your items to put some cash back in your pocket, and help you avoid falling back into the same traps that got you into this mess in the first place. We re-decorate a room and stick the old furniture, decorations and paintings up in the attic, down in the basement or out in the garage because we don’t have the time or energy to deal with them. We keep clothes in our drawers and closets that fit 10 years ago…but we are holding onto them ….just in case. We upgrade our cell phone, computer or TV…but we don’t want to part with the old ones….since we spent good $$$ on them in the first place.

Other items may not have significant monetary value but they could still be used by others.
And finally, for items of value, we will coordinate a market value review and their sale via one of our resale partners. During my Power Hour, I focus on my most brain-intensive work such as writing, balancing the checkbook and planning–the tasks that require me to be at my best.
Take a look at your life and honestly assess which tasks are the most important and which require the most thinking.
You can begin thinking about what these tasks are in your life and as you move through each day this week, keep a running list. Decide your plan for the day and commit to focus on just what you have on your list during this time.
If you are a mom with small children, you will probably find it difficult to find an entire hour every day when you are left alone. I am constantly adjusting and trying to find the best self organizing system so I can streamline my life and make sure that I am truly living my priorities. I can accomplish much more by making this time a priority and then I can be more relaxed the rest of the day knowing that my top priorities have been accomplished. Find those tasks that you continually postpone because they require more energy than you have at the moment.
Each morning (or the night before) I choose the tasks that are most important for the day and write them on my calendar in order of priority. If you find that the time of day you first choose is a time when others are likely to disturb you, consider changing your Power Hour to a different time of day.
We will coordinate the pick-up or drop-off of your items and obtain a donation receipt for your tax records. I think it is great that you can use some of the items for resale and we could potentially receive some cash back.

This week I am sharing a few of my top tips for organizing your time, so that you can live on purpose too.
If you are a mom with young children, you may find your best time to get some work done is naptime for your children. Your whole process is such a gift: trash gone, donations out, keepers away and sale items posted for resale – amazing! It’s important to gather all the materials you need for the tasks on your list before you begin your Power Hour, so you can be as efficient as possible.
Decide what parts of your  wardrobe has seen better days and either donate or toss the items.2. After you have pulled out all donate and trash items then it is time to empty out the space whether it is your closet or drawers.3. If your closet is really looking rough you may want to paint the closet with a fresh coat of paint. If you are really gung-ho you can add a light if you do not have one already inside your closet.5. I have a Bachelors Degree from the University of Georgia in Family and Consumer Sciences & I am AMI Montessori teacher certified.
While training to become a Montessori teacher I learned the importance of order while teaching children using the Montessori method.
I quickly visualize creative solutions for disorganized spaces and make a plan with the client’s design style in mind.
She helped me set up a file system in my home to better locate important documents, discard clutter no longer needed, and suggested ideas and important resources to better organize my home.

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