We had the best summer, and because we spent most of it outside swimming in the beautiful California sun, I had the best hair. After a few minutes of practice, I was a pro and going to town making beautiful beach waves in my hair. Staring at the top of your head, take one-inch-thick sections of hair and position it into Conair Curl Secret and close handle. After finishing the top sections of hair, finish remaining hair by curling the accessible portions of hair in the Conair Curl Secret.
Once all hair is curled, close your eyes, imagine your feet in the sand, the sun on your face, and the ocean breeze blowing in your hair as you run your fingers through it. While I love beach waves, there is really no limit to what hairstyle you can attain with Conair Curl Secret. Putting a heated gadget near your eyes might sound crazy, but what if your lashes need a little extra help taking a curl?
If using a clamp version, allow the silicone pad to warm up and follow the same protocol as a traditional curler: gently squeeze clean lashes for a few seconds, working from the base of lashes to the tips.

If using a wand, allow the curler to heat up--about thirty seconds--then hold it at the base of your lashes for about five seconds, lifting your roots up and back. Sign up for our newsletter and receive exclusive stories, breaking news, sale alerts and much more straight to your Inbox! Watching the video and looking through pictures online, I thought it was going to be large and awkward. I am so impressed with how quickly I can achieve the hairstyle I want, with minimal effort on my part, and it really does create curls that last all day. In the lower portions of your hair you do not need to start at the top of the hair section near the scalp. A clamp is similar to a traditional curler, but has a heated silicon base, while the latter is a heated wand that you use to comb your lashes into a curve. Beach waves are best acheived using Conair Curl Secret by curling the accessible parts of hair. Clamps give you a more dramatic curl than a traditional metal curler, while the wand gives a more natural-looking curve.

You can use the wand curlers on bare lashes, or curl once your mascara is dry--our preferred method. They’re a little more difficult to get used to (we pinched our skin the first time), but once you do you can expect a serious, lasting curl. Because I thought it was large, and knowing that it takes hair into a chamber to curl it, I thought it would be heavy, especially top heavy where the hair chamber is. By trying out different combinations of these two settings you will be able to find an endless number of hairstyles and find the one that is just right for you.
Just like mascara, it takes a few tries to get the right fit, but once you do there is nothing scary about heated eyelash curlers!

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