Stephanie Barnett, of Center Point, Ala., holds up Powerball lottery tickets at Georgia Visitor Information Center, Wednesday, Jan.
The Darkroom offers Facebook and WordPress commenting in the hopes of fostering constructive conversation among our users. ABOUT THE DARKROOMThe Darkroom, the photography and video blog of The Baltimore Sun, shines a light on visually captivating stories of our past and present. Prosecutors allege Tipton used his access to the random number generators to know the winning numbers in advance, possibly using software that deleted itself, and enlisted associates to play those numbers and claim prizes.

It showcases the exciting work of our staff, offers tips in the craft, and highlights the emerging community of independent media makers. 9, 2015, file photo, former lottery security officer Eddie Tipton leaves the Polk County Courthouse after sentencing in Des Moines, Iowa. Tipton was sentenced to 10 years after a jury found he fixed the Hot Lotto game in 2010 to get himself a winning ticket for a $14 million jackpot and then attempted to cash it anonymously. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Gingy, penguins, Father Christmas will do everything to drag jackpot fortune to you.

A legislative oversight committee in Iowa plans to look into the jackpot-fixing scandal that started in Iowa and has spread to several other state lotteries, a key lawmaker says.

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